oceanofinfo Ocak 23, 2021

Epoxy, which has become a popular hobby material in recent years, is used in many areas, allowing us to push the limits of our creativity. With this material, which is used in all kinds of coatings and designs with its transparent and flexible structure, you can both design decorative products and renovate your home. Since […]

oceanofinfo Ocak 16, 2021

One of the most important complements to a good decoration is lighting. Correctly applied lighting with its ambience and appearance is indispensable for all spaces, whether indoors or outdoors. The choice of lighting, which is often overlooked or ignored in home decorations, can greatly change the atmosphere when different techniques and creative ideas are brought […]

oceanofinfo Ocak 16, 2021

If you are planning to sell or rent your house; it is not possible to get out of a certain price range with marketing. However, you can increase the value of your home in the long run by making simple arrangements in your home. Performing renovations in problematic and defective areas may be the first […]

oceanofinfo Aralık 9, 2020

If you like green décor and plants in your home, we have a great DIY project idea for you. Terrarium, which are tiny ecosystems that are extremely easy to maintain, have become decoration products that we are used to seeing in everyone’s homes. You can read our article to get information about terrariums that you […]

oceanofinfo Aralık 8, 2020

Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal Walkthrough : We start the game in the character’s room. Go downstairs from the stairs. Downstairs, the character’s mother gives you your “poké gear”. Get out of the house and take your pokémon from Prof. Elm, from the building in the upper left corner of your house. Go left. Fight and experience the […]

oceanofinfo Aralık 2, 2020

Nowadays, the freezer has become a savior. When it comes to food, we know that freezing food can help us enormously throughout the planning, preparation and cooking stages. Also, it is a fact that freezers prevent food waste, saving us both time and money. Frozen products are much fresher than canned products and contain more […]

oceanofinfo Kasım 30, 2020

Known for many years and based on handicraft, macrame has always been indispensable for some; although it is popular from time to time. Let’s examine together what macrame is, which is suitable for beautiful and creative work with its different techniques; and how macrame wall decorations are made. What is macrame? Macrame is a form […]

oceanofinfo Kasım 27, 2020

Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough : We start the game in the upper room of Ash’s house. Walk up the lawn in the upper right corner of Ash’s house. There Prof. Oak will stop you and catch Pikachu. Then he will take you to his lab. Then Professor Oak will ask you to take the poke ball […]

oceanofinfo Kasım 26, 2020

Wondering how to best cook your Thanksgiving turkey this year? You can find the answer your “how to cook a turkey ?” question in our article. Defrost completely before proceeding to prepare your cleaned and frozen turkey. Smoke it well to remove the little hairs on it. Wash the inside and outside of the turkey […]

oceanofinfo Kasım 14, 2020

What kind of bird is the Ravens? What is the difference between raven and crow? In this content, we will talk about the raven, a bird that surprises with its intelligence. They are one of the smartest animals. They can push boulders on them to prevent people from climbing their nests. If they can’t, they […]