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garden living space

1.Give your garden flexibility

The key concept you need to focus on in order to use the garden as a natural part of the house is garden furniture. This furniture will support you to spend more time in the yard and have a more comfortable experience. Rain, weatherproof chairs, coffee tables, a cupboard to store your items; a large cushion, a swing on which you can rest in peace, even a comfortable hammock; a suitable umbrella for protection from the sun or a stylish flower pot to place your flower pots. stand…

All these are furniture that will not only give your garden an elegant look, but also make your time more comfortable, and support you in finding new occupations in the garden. When it comes to furniture, one might think of heavy household items to be placed in our living rooms and bedrooms, but let’s not forget that these are more practical for living, easily transported; specially produced so that they are not affected by the weather conditions; and at the same time, they are special furniture that brings the comfort of our living room to the garden. Decorate with the right furniture and make it more useful to it.

2.The right plants for fly-free gardens

We stay away from the garden due to rain, mud and cold weather in winter; but it bothers us that flies swarm to the light and the smell of food on the table in summer. Fortunately, there is a natural non-chemical solution to this. If we plant fly-repelling plants around our yard, we will have to deal with far fewer flies on summer evenings. These plants are plants that grow easily and do not require much maintenance. If you wish, you can plant it directly in the ground or you can actively prevent flies from approaching you by growing it in pots and moving it to your sitting area.

These herbs are lavender, basil, lemon thyme, catnip and rosemary. Of course, let’s remind you that when you plant catnip, cats cannot stay away from your yard. Dozens of cats who discover this herb will be spreading around the garden at any time of the day, ecstatic and happily frequenting.

3.The garden table determines your garden life

The more important seating group is, the more important the garden table. If we say that the garden table determines the format of the life you will live in your garden, it would not be an exaggeration. For this reason, we recommend that you determine your needs correctly when choosing a garden table. Although small tables are usually supportive while drinking tea and coffee, a large, useful, wide table allows you to create opportunities such as eating your morning and evening meals; hosting your guests, and gathering your family. Children start to do their homework, parents sit around table and rest; guests start to come with their hands full to fill the table… Garden tables have such an interesting effect on life.

4.Create practical solutions for cleaning

Just as we constantly clean and keep our house clean, we have to do the same for the garden. Of course, it is not possible to clean with a vacuum cleaner. Take care to store cleaning supplies for an easily accessible and clean manner. Most people may prefer to lick into a closet to clean the garden to remove their brooms, buckets, and hose out of sight; and then in this closet, insects from dust, dirt and damp can start to breed, catching spider webs. When you open the cabinet, dust, soil, mold, rust particles spread around. In order not to encounter that scene, the desire of a person to clean escapes.

For this reason, you should take care to place your cleaning tools neatly every time and to keep the areas where you store them clean. Otherwise, cleaning starts to grow in your eyes first; then you start not to use that starts to collect dust and soil; and after a while the garden ceases to be a part of the house as a forgotten old memory.

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