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epoxy floor

Epoxy, which has become a popular hobby material in recent years, is used in many areas, allowing us to push the limits of our creativity. With this material, which is used in all kinds of coatings and designs with its transparent and flexible structure, you can both design decorative products and renovate your home. Since it contains various chemicals, it is useful to use it with equipment such as masks, goggles and gloves. You can optionally color the epoxy obtained by mixing resin and hardener. We have created a design guide for you by examining the usage areas of this material that you can use in all kinds of DIY projects.

You Can Renew Kitchen Countertops Using Epoxy

Are you looking for a novelty in your kitchen or are you complaining that the countertops are aging? There is a very economical solution to this: epoxy resin. You can also create a unique style by putting any material such as natural stone, dried flower or leaves into the resin. Alternatively, you can use epoxy paint to achieve a marble or wood look. For this, all you need is a mold in the size of your countertop that will keep it stable while the epoxy dries, the rest is up to your creativity!

Create An Extraordinary Style by Coating Your Home Floor

As the use of epoxy resin on the floor is just beginning to become widespread, this idea may seem difficult at first; but it is actually a very useful method. Floors made with epoxy are as durable and useful as other floors. You can choose to use epoxy to create a very stylish and extraordinary style in your home. It is also possible to add various depths and new colors to your floor with this coating method; where you can achieve both matte and glossy results. An important trick of this coating is to wait patiently for the epoxy to dry and to ensure that the resin is evenly distributed all over; the rest is again up to your ideas.

Design Your Own Table

It is actually very easy to design a stylish looking table from solid wood pieces using epoxy resin. You can smooth a piece of wood the size we need using epoxy and make a new table or coffee table. Your table will be ready after you leave it to dry easily by applying epoxy resin with the help of a mold in the sizes you want to create.

You can also mount a table leg from wood or metal with materials suitable for the piece of wood you use. As an alternative to wood; you can design a table with soda caps, coins or natural stones, it is possible to combine any creative idea with epoxy.

Make Stylish Coasters, Presentation Plates

This is a miraculous material that can be used not only when coating and renovating; but also when designing decorative products for the kitchen. You can make stylish and unique designs by putting any decorative ornament; you can think of in various molds into resin or using epoxy paint.

Dried epoxy does not cause any health problems, you can easily use the epoxy as a presentation plate. Since epoxy resin is heat resistant, it is also suitable for coasters or trivets.

Prepare Special Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Since it is a material that is frequently used in jewelry design; you can easily design stylish jewelry for yourself and your loved ones using the resin you have. It is possible to make elegant and stylish necklaces, earrings and even bracelets with various dyes and dried herbs. You will need small molds to make these jewelery. Other important materials you need to design your jewelry according to your own taste are tools such as chains, earring pins and of course your creativity! With the same methods, you can turn your designs into a key ring just by changing the tools you use.

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