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We had to spend the whole winter indoors, but there are not many vacation options in the summer months. In fact, camping is a very attractive option this summer for those who have the opportunity and energy. So what are the details you need to pay attention to in order to make a comfortable family camping?

1.Place bags properly

The bag you will carry on your back is a very important platform for carrying many things you will need at camp. You may prefer to carry camping equipment by car, but you will need a backpack in any way in the camping area. You may also want to camp in places where cars cannot reach, which will be the most logical option to avoid crowds.

If you want to take walks around the camp and explore nature, you will still need healthy bags that will not injure your waist and shoulders. Therefore, you should use the volume of the bag effectively without filling these bags with unnecessary material. The last material you can ask for in your bag is air. The air steals the necessary material that you can carry in the bag as a space-occupying material. Especially when placing your clothes there is plenty of air left in between.

In order to avoid this problem, you should put your clothes in a form that is as small as possible and that you roll on top of it and place it in your bag. Will the clothes be ironed in the meantime? Yes. But it is a comparison that will lose its importance whether your clothes seem to be ironed or not while you are trying to warm up under a snowstorm. Volume is everything when collecting bags, iron is nothing.

2.Don’t forget the camping chair

You can attach a foldable camping chair to each backpack. Thanks to these very light but also durable chairs, your comfort coefficient in camping will increase exponentially.

3.Camping equipment

Camping is not just a process consisting of tents, chairs and bags. For a comfortable camping experience, you will need a sleeping bag, a camping stove, mini solar panels and many other equipment. On the campaigns tab of Hepsiburada, you can get many products about camping by taking advantage of the campaigns.

4.Cleaning and hygiene

Camping in nature does not mean ignoring the need for cleanliness and hygiene. You should not neglect options such as paper towels, wet wipes, toilet paper, masks that are mandatory due to the pandemic during the camp.

5.Choose foods that will not spoil

One of the biggest problems during camping will be the cooling of food. Therefore, you will need to carry foods that will not spoil with you. Canned food, sausage, dried fruits, pasta, bread varieties and vegetables… It should be reminded that the potatoes cooked in the embers of the campfire will be very delicious. Feeding in the camp is a very broad topic and it is entirely up to your talent and imagination. Bon appetit already.

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