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An event occurred in London in 1809, which we would not be surprised; if we see it in today’s domestic TV series. Do not say if it is a historical prank, it does. The Berners Street Scam was perpetrated by Theodore Hook in Westminster, London, England in 1809. Hook makes a bet with his friend Samuel Beazley that he can turn any house in London into the most talked about home. The lady residing at 54 Berners Street sends thousands of letters on behalf of Tottenham; placing orders and requesting services and visits.

The Berners Street Scam begin

On November 27, 1809, at five o’clock in the morning, the bell of Ms. Tottenham’s house is ringed by a chimney sweep. The maid refuses, stating that they do not have such a request. A few minutes later, another chimney sweeper arrives and is sent back again. On that day, 12 people in total knock on the door for chimney cleaning service.

Following the chimney sweeps, a fleet of cars carrying large quantities of coal begins to come home; followed by a series of pastry shops to deliver wedding cakes. Doctors, lawyers, priests and priests then knock on the door for the imaginary person who is said to be dying at home.

Fishermen, shoemakers and people who bring more than a dozen pianos knock on the door that day.

Those who respond to fake letters and come home are not limited to these. Many important figures also came to the door of the house; including the ruler of the Bank of England, the Duke of York, the archbishop of Canterbury, and the mayor of London.


The narrow streets of London soon fill with shopkeepers and spectators. Deliveries and visits last until later in the evening and life in London comes to a standstill.

Each civil servant who is on duty and accessible is called on to disperse people. It is placed at the entrances of Berners Street to prevent more people from entering the house. However, the crowd cannot be dispersed until later in the night.

Afterwards, it turns out that similar order letters were sent to different tradesmen by the same person / s, and it is decided to award a reward for those who ensure the arrest of the perpetrators of the event.

Theodore Hook and his friend then watch the chaos in the house opposite 54 Berners Street, waiting for the deception to be exposed.

Despite the great effort to find the culprit, and many suspect he was the culprit, Hook manages to escape exposure and punishment.

Postcards worth thousands of Pounds

Hook is also the first person in the world to receive a postcard sent. To fool people working in the post office, he prepared a postcard containing the caricature of the employees and sent it to him. this postcard was sold for £ 31,750 in 2002.

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