oceanofinfo Ekim 2, 2020

It was reported that cancer took the first place by preventing cardiovascular diseases in deaths; in the 50s in middle and high income countries.

McMaster University in Canada conducted a study using a global research program; that examined the lives of thousands of people in 21 countries on five continents.


Working, Turkey, Sweden, Canada, Chile, Argentina and Poland, including in rich countries with; medium level of prosperity with countries likely to die from cancer in the 50s; compared with cardiovascular disorders that two and a half fold increase and revealed that became the number one cause of death.


In countries with low welfare levels such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Zimbabwe, on the contrary; middle-aged people were found to have three times the risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases than cancer.

It was stated that the lives of 162 thousand 534 people were examined in 2005-2016 within the framework of the global research program utilized in the study, and the average age was 50 at the beginning.

Seen in the 50’s

It was noted that the countries where people live were divided into three categories as low, medium and high income levels; more than 11 thousand people died in the process, and the causes of death of two thousand were unknown.

The details of the study, which is said to be the most comprehensive research in its field; were published in the Lancet journal.

Experts also emphasized that heart disease and stroke are the main causes of death in the 50s worldwide.

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