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oceanofinfo Kasım 6, 2020

Charlie Chaplin was a great artist, but what about his personal life? Of course, art and the artist themselves should be considered separately, yet the behind-the-scenes life of a public figure is not that curious. Here are the surprising details. Chaplin … a director, actor, comedian and pedophile. Yes, you did not hear it wrong, […]

oceanofinfo Ekim 8, 2020

An article explaining why the house always wins in the long run in gambling and betting games with examples. I will explain the truth and reasons for the saying “the house always wins” We hope that people interested in gambling and sports betting read it carefully. I guess it would be a repetition of information […]

oceanofinfo Ekim 2, 2020

It was stated that Petal Search, the search engine developed by Huawei as an alternative to Google; can work as an advanced application distribution center by using it directly from the home screen of the phones. Approved by the European Privacy Seal for GDPR compliance; Petal Search does not track the user’s personal data and […]

oceanofinfo Eylül 28, 2020

We share little known trivia and pleasant notes about the 70-year-old master Pedro Almodovar.Preliminary note: The following content consists of the complete translation of the information on the various sites; both about the cinema and for the general stream, which contains detailed information about the director, by mutual confirmation. (imdb – the guardian – timeout […]