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charlie chaplin facts

Charlie Chaplin was a great artist, but what about his personal life? Of course, art and the artist themselves should be considered separately, yet the behind-the-scenes life of a public figure is not that curious. Here are the surprising details.

Chaplin … a director, actor, comedian and pedophile.

Yes, you did not hear it wrong, I will give some cruel information about this super famous person, who the whole world laughed at, was the cover of Time magazine alone, and the whole world still quotes him. I’m starting if you’re ready.

Note: There is no information about charlie chaplin’s art / arts here.
those whose private life does not concern us may not continue.

I start briefly with his life

His mother and father separated shortly after his birth. his father was an alcoholic and drank to his death. his mother died in a mental hospital. charlie lived in orphanages for a while and finally got away from this tragedy by performing in some music halls. Later, she was discovered by Mack Sennett and set foot on Hollywood, and after that day, her unstoppable rise started thanks to her real talent and creativity.

Private Life of Charlie Chaplin

  • Charlie Chaplin married his first wife, Mildred Harris, when Mildred was fifteen, and when he was sixteen. Unfortunately, his children born with disabilities only lived for three days. After leaving Mildred a year later, Charlie took his second chance with Lita Gray, who was also fifteen. She asked Lita, who was pregnant, to have her child removed. However, when the girl’s family intervened, she had to wait for the age of sixteen and marry Lita. They separated after 3 years. The reason would be that Charlie forced Lita into oral sex and cheated (with at least 5 women). Charlie paid a very high sum of $ 625,000 compared to his time and they left.
  • Chaplin smelled terrible, as Minta Durfee said. She could wear the same suit for two weeks without changing it. Charlie, who was constantly complaining about his surroundings, argued that he was doing it to save money.
  • He was forcing other players with his cruel, egoistic and tyrannical attitudes in the set environment. They almost got together with Marlon Brando on the set of the movie “A Countess from Hong Kong”. Brando used phrases for Chaplin such as ‘terribly cruel’, ‘an egoistic bully and mean’, ‘probably the most sadistic person I’ve ever seen in my life’. His reasoning was that he scolded people on the set of the movie and offended him with very humiliating statements. He was nervous enough to rise up to even tell Marlon Brando that his acting profession was a disgrace. Chaplin would later say that rando was impossible to work with, and he’s separate.
  • Luis Buel had exposed all of Hollywood before retiring on his famous seclusion. Chaplin also got his fair share. According to Bükel’s claim, Chaplin was constantly organizing group orgies and inviting friends at his home. As a detail, Charlie would never call in professionals the rich call for, but instead recruit amateur and street-business sex workers.


  • He disgusted with rubber and anything made of rubber. For this reason, he did not use condoms.
  • He hated milk. He didn’t even want to touch the milk bottles.

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