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The disaster that took place near the city of Pripyat; in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986 did not come as much of a surprise.
While searching the archive, I found the biggest bomb. Yuri Andropov, when he was chairman of the kgb in 1979; sent a report to the communist party central committee on the negligence and malfunctions; in the construction of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

According to the information in the possession of KGB. He makes the introduction of deviations from the design and mistakes in construction techniques in the construction of Unit 2 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant;

Counts individual scraps that may cause breakdowns or accidents in Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant:

-The main building columns in the machine room have a deviation of 100 mm from the accent.

-Wall panels are incorrectly laid, deviating by 150 mm from the accent.

-Roof plates do not follow the original design instructions, there is a deviation in them.

-There is a descent of up to 100 mm in crane roads and brake platforms and a slope of up to 8 degrees in some places.

-In many places at the foundation of the building; the horizontal water insulation is damaged, such violations have been made with the knowledge of the construction authorities.

  • Damage to the water insulation can create radiation pollution in the environment by contaminating the surrounding waters.

The management did not pay any attention to the most fundamental points determining the quality of construction.

-concrete plant runs erratically and the quality of its output is poor.

  • In concrete casting, especially when heavy concrete was poured; cracks occurred, which caused pits and stratification in the foundation of the building.

-The roads to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant are in disaster.

-3. The capacity of the 2nd unit may be restricted as the power line construction is delayed.

During the three quarters of 1978, 170 people were injured in occupational accidents as a result of insufficient control of safety equipment, resulting in a total loss of overtime of 3366 days.

andropov’s disgrace score, I don’t know, but mine is 10/10, disgrace as disgrace. It is a miracle that it came from the explosion until 1986 with such negligence and poor quality even during the construction phase. Since everyone is doing business with the tip of their dick, the quality control of KGB is in itself a disgrace category, and the whole state has already collapsed because those who do proper qualified work are in the minority.
If andropov did not pass away untimely, maybe he would make a man there and the Chernobyl disaster would never have happened, who knows …

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