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cold feet causes

In general, if your feet are too cold, this may be a sign of a health problem.
The main reason is a health problem with blood circulation disorder, cold feet.

Other reasons include:

  • anemia
  • hypothyroid,
  • intense stress,
  • anxiety and anxiety,
  • diabetes.

So how is the diagnosis made?

If the doctor suspects that heart disease or poor circulation is the cause; they may order an electrocardiogram to help assess your heart’s functioning. They can also run an ankle-brachial index text; where they measure blood pressure in different limbs to see which ones are affected. If they find that peripheral artery disease could be a cause; they may order an ultrasound to look at the blood flow in your arteries.

They may also perform a physical exam and look for signs of trauma or nerve damage by pressing on different areas of your feet. They may also order blood tests that can possibly check for conditions such as anemia, diabetes, or hypothyroidism.

Or it may suspect another cause of anxiety. It’s not that simple for anxiety to take the heat away, but cold feet can be caused by many different anxiety problems, including:

Sweating: One of the most forgotten reasons why anxiety causes cold feet is when you have anxiety, you sweat regularly. Anxiety itself is the activation of a system in your body that helps you escape when faced with danger. sweating is designed to cool your body so you don’t overheat when you run away. Unfortunately, since there is no danger, you just start to sweat and your soles sweat a lot and you start to feel colder than other parts of the body.

hyperventilation: hyperventilation anxiety can also affect blood flow, leading to faster breathing. hyperventilation causes blood vessels to narrow, which slows blood flow significantly. blood flows to your feet but slows down, making you feel cooler than usual. it also accompanies tingling and numbness.

increased sensitivity: not all causes of cold feet are the result of changes in your body. some are the result of changes in your mind. This is the situation that increases sensitivity. anxiety makes people more prone to feeling discomfort. Therefore, even though your feet get a little cold every once in a while, anxiety makes you notice and feel more.

How is it treated?

Treatments will depend largely on the underlying cause of the cold feet. In general, the doctor will likely recommend regular exercise to improve circulation. Also, exercise will work in treating or preventing other conditions, including heart conditions.

Chills caused by diseases such as hypothyroidism and anemia can also be treated with medications. The doctor may also prescribe calcium blockers, which can help open blood vessels for conditions such as raynaud or certain heart conditions.

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