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rheumatism definition

The inflammatory fluid accumulation in the joints, which can be seen in people of all ages, is commonly called rheumatism. The treatment of this disease goes through a long process and restricts people’s movements and activities. There are foods for people with this disease … so what are these foods?

Rheumatism, which is a common disease today, unfortunately, is a disease that takes a long time and affects daily life closely. This disease affects the joints together with the disorders in the immune system. Since pain in the joints forces our daily life, our movements and activities are restricted. To alleviate these pains, food can be helped, at least the pain can be alleviated. Of course, not every food may be beneficial for every rheumatic disease, it is also useful to learn the right food program from your doctor and consume it.

What is good for rheumatism?

Pomegranate extract; Some studies in recent years show that pomegranate juice can reduce joint swelling and pain. Although there is no definite information on this subject, it is believed that it has an effect on rheumatic pain.

The fish; The omega 3 and omega fatty acid contents of fish grown in cold water (salmon, tuna, etc.) have a therapeutic effect in inflammatory conditions. Consuming more than one fish a week helps alleviate joint pain.

Flax seeds; This food is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. In addition, there is a substance similar to the nutritional fiber contained in it. This substance is effective in reducing joint pain. It is important for your health that those who use regular medication to consult a doctor without using flax seeds.

Currant – borage grass; The omega 6 fatty acid found in the seeds is high in these two foods. This fatty acid, called gammalinolenic acid, is a good anti-inflammatory. In addition, currants and primroses are among this food group. In addition to this beneficial ingredient, it can damage the liver when overloaded. It is necessary to use it in consultation with an expert.

Egg; It is important in joint and tissue development thanks to the sulfur and vitamin B it contains. Sulfur is an essential substance for bone and muscle tissue development. It is a food that should be consumed carefully because it increases the cholesterol ratio.

It should be kept in mind that in addition to nutrition, exercise also contributes greatly to the treatment process in joint and rheumatic pain. Half an hour of exercises a day is important in relieving pain and strengthening muscles.

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