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great famine

Also known as the Great Famine; a period of mass starvation in Ireland that started in 1845 and lasted until 1852. Let’s take a closer look at what happened with this horrible period.

Potatoes killed 1,000,000 people in Ireland in 1845 and afterwards, migrated tens of thousands of people, reduced the country’s population by 25%, and changed the demographic, political and cultural structure of the island. The use of Irish on the island has declined; and the majority has begun to speak English, the country is divided into two groups as unionists who advocate adherence to Britain and nationalists advocating independence.

Yes, all this is due to the contamination of a fungus called phytophthora infestans to the plant we call potatoes and damage to 40% of the potatoes in the fields and warehouses in the same year and 100% the following year.

Gorta Mór – Great Famine

This great famine, known as gorta mór in Irish, should actually be a good example for what we can face in the future. Just think of a year when wheat is not grown in the world right now. The situation will be much worse than that of potatoes and will probably cause tens of millions of deaths. We do not intend to replace it as we unconsciously multiply and exploit all resources to the full. Our entire system is based on the continuation of today’s resources of the world. We know that if we subtract a single element from this equation, millions of us will be destroyed; and we are making a big gamble … let’s see it.

Ireland was a country with fertile land. But only the landlords profited from flour such as grain, oil, beef and pork, cotton, and flax. The Irish used to feed their stomachs with potatoes grown in small plots of barren land. In 1845, the most productive production in human history took place.

However, an epidemic microbe that spread from America to the country turned the potatoes in the field into mud in a week. After autumn ended and people finished wild fruits such as blackberry, strawberry, raspberry and fragrances and cut and ate the last 1-2 chickens, sheep, pigs, even cats and dogs, the great hunger started. 1 million people lost their lives from hunger. The remaining 1 million found the solution to migrate to america, canada or australia. the kit lasted 3 years; Ireland was emptied in vast territories, leaving the ruins of abandoned houses.


In the great famine, the population of Ireland fell from 7 million to 4 million. 2 million Irish emigrated, mostly to America, and 1 million died of starvation. Ireland is under the occupation of England, which was then under Queen Victoria. English landlords mostly refused to give food to the Irish. The Irish (Catholics) were forbidden to go to university and even to make chimneys and windows in their homes unless they paid their taxes… Therefore, the Irish who were forced to immigrate to America; and could not return to their homeland have left many sad stories behind.

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