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Certain findings, the accuracy of which has been proven by experiments, show that being smart is not always an advantage. Here are some thought-provoking examples. Clever people’s handicaps in life ;

A Short Social Experiment

Being smart can have bad consequences because of the way you see yourself and the environment. After iq tests developed in the 1st World War, Lewis Terman gave a group of students a stanford-binet iq test. 1500 of the candidates have 140+ iq, 80 of them have 170+ iq points. He also follows these students for 80 years.

The results are as follows: most of them have 2 times more salary than white-collar people as expected; they get good places, which is associated with general intelligence, which we call the typical g-factor; confirms the correlation that individuals with high iqs work better jobs; but “all” students do brilliant jobs not elected and policing, sailor, etc.

There have been those who settle for such modest jobs. From here it is concluded that very high iq does not have high correlation with good work. More interestingly, these students gave the same results of alcoholism, divorce and suicide as normal people. In other words, being smart could not prevent divorce or suicide; it could not provide them with a more “peaceful” life.

Clever people’s handicaps in life;High Intelligence Prefers

According to a study; people with high intelligence prefer to stay away from alcohol or bad habits compared to their peers. When they are in their growing age, while they can work when they are not unhappy and very concentrated; There was no difference between their peers in matters related to alcohol use; delinquency and mental health in relation to middle age intelligence. Only some statistical indicators detected a tendency towards depression, crime and alcohol in very intelligent people. (ref) it can be said that these people are less satisfied with life.

The main striking part; in connection with the above article; When these people who still survive were told to comment on their lives after 80 years; most of them said; that they failed to realize themselves and that; they failed to achieve the success expected of them in childhood. In fact, one of these children dropped out at the age of 12 and chose to be a prostitute; possibly unable to bear the burden.

my personal interpretation; In fact, even if they find themselves unsuccessful; it can be said that it is this dissatisfaction that triggers them to succeed according to the norms.

high iq asks strange questions

Another problem with people with high IQ is that they are prone to overthinking and anxiety. It has been observed that they seek answers to strange questions rather than finding an answer to a major problem.

people with high intelligence can make unreasonable decisions
What is more interesting is that these people, despite their intelligence, cannot make wise, logical and impartial decisions. that is, on average, people and their decisions are similar in intelligence.

While people who are successful in standard cognitive tests can clearly see the mistakes of others, they fail to see their own mistakes. The main reason for this is thought to be due to their possession of gambler fallacy. What is this? intelligent people believe that unrelated events in the past concern future consequences. for example, they have the belief that if 10 tails come, the 11th will be headed. On the other hand, even 10 texts have no relation between them. For example, the belief of members of the mensa, who are a community of intelligent people, in paranormal events is similar.

According to a study, people who are successful in spreading false information have high intelligence. again this is about creativity.clever people’s handicaps in life

According to an experiment conducted by grossmann (university of waterloo in canada), it was found that there is no relationship between high intelligence and wisdom. Intelligent people can quickly generate arguments for their claims in a biased way, but not in a wise manner. Fortunately, according to Grossmann, wise people can be educated. he even stated that google pays attention to this in addition to iq in new job recruitment. namely:

Google and New Hires and the importance of intelligence

Google’s new recruiting will be based not only on iq, academic achievement and diploma, but on general cognitive abilities, intellectual humility, leadership and expertise. Even now, 14% of those working in certain units do not have a diploma.

Intellectual humility becomes important here. being intellectual unlike humility; In addition to being smart, it also allows you to admit mistakes and learn new information. Clever people’s handicaps in life. however, this may be missing only in individuals with high iq. in other words, it was stated that they could be untrained because they believed that what they knew was the only truth. (ref)

Finally, let’s summarize the burden of being smart with the article below.
In the psychology today article, it was stated that intelligent people believe they carry a burden or they have the following problems because of their environment:

  • They have anxiety because they are very aware of the environment.
  • they seem full of themselves, on the contrary, to hide their intelligence. both are bad.

They are expected to be intelligent all the time, but like everyone else, they are prone to mistakes that is, being smart does not mean being “wise”. High expectations of other people cause their mistakes to attract more attention.

  • expected by others to save the world, and if they choose a simple life they are blamed for not living their potential. (I think the good will hunting movie explains this well.) Giving up in order not to lift this burden is also about the first point.
  • They are very confident in the decisions they make because they are aware of their intelligence. Again, as I mentioned in the article, this leads them to bad results. because they are less aware of their shortcomings than normal people. We explained earlier in the podcast that thinking yourself to be ordinary straw or smart is basically bad:
  • Most intelligent people’s self-esteem depends on their intelligence. so aging can harm psychologically and practically intelligent people. As I mentioned above, while intelligence is functional in the developmental age, it causes more anxiety with aging.

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