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On June 6, 1944, during the Normandy Landing; when the US landed on the shores of France and clashed with German forces. A German soldier; his name is Heinrich Severloh. He alone gave the other side a lot of casualties.

Let’s know Heinrich Severloh briefly

Heinrich Severloh, who is a little known being a German probably; was a machine gunner at an open-top resistance point during the normandy landing. He started firing from the Heinrich trench with an mg-42 machine gun; two K-98 rifles and a swarm of grenades at the resistance point 62; where he was stationed, and never released the trigger from 6:30 am to 3:00 pm. Since the stack of bullets is too high at the point of resistance. He was able to fire for a very long time before his bullet ran out. They say that that day he fired 12 thousand rounds with his machine gun and 400 rounds with rifles. To remind you, if you weigh 12,400 rounds, it weighs 560 kilos. In other words, if you think about it, he fired half a ton of bullets by himself.

Heinrich Severlog machine gun
Heinrich Severloh and guns

The name of Heinrich Severloh, which alone cost Americans over 2,000 people 70 years ago; is now referred to as the omaha monster in the American public and internet sites.

Detailed Narration of Heinrich Severloh’s interesting Story
It is the work of fear.

At the age of 19, he went voluntarily at the beginning of his youth and enrolled himself in the army. They made him a machine gun assistant because his marksmanship was bad. In other words, he has the honor of being the person who brings and brings the bullets to the operator, who holds the bullet strip. Since this self-knowledgeable novice friend could not be trusted, of course, he was given the task of making a nape in france after the blitzkrieg. He was driven into a hot conflict for the first time as things got messed up on the eastern front while he was doing his neck in France. Heinrich, who had panic attack attacks here, was naturally sent to Berlin to have an ECG due to heart rhythm disturbance, which is the most important symptom of panic attack, and he seems to be having a heart attack.

they looked, there is no job for this man. both clumsy and cowardly. heart doctor Teodemir Muller wrote him a bruise report and put him at the end of his bed. Seeing this, Heinrich was pierced and perched. because he was an incurable Nazi and did not get the pleasure he got from being a German from anything. Afterwards, Dr.müller pleaded with his friend major gunther von staufhenberg, the battalion commander, and suggested that he train this wasted man as a quartermaster. His request was accepted, our man took the false test and was cadet, provided he was not a staff …

the Normandy Landing

In the second year of the military academy, rumors about the landing in normandy have been rumored. Hop a mobilization is declared, cadets are distributed to the fronts. They write this brother, machine gun corporal. On our blue-eyed blond-haired Heinrich Severloh’s back student coat takes the path of the adriatic.

It hangs on the trigger at 6 am on June. the task is clear. It will shoot iron blocks deployed in an x shape. because the abdomen, dispersed like freckles, snuggle at these open x-shaped iron blocks to save their lives. This is the biggest mistake they make. Heinrich kills them as they get behind the x’s. After each deceased, another person goes behind x blocks and he disappears. 7-8-9-10 …

The turret where Heinrich Severloh is located first becomes a position, then the gunner with him, and then his independence dies. turrette remained alone. his muzzle swells, he shifts it sideways with his bare hands hangs again. scare of ass is trouble for you. alone, he behaved the way a panic attack patient who by accident had come to the worst front of the war behaved. the man who never stopped out of fear. only the trigger was hit and the barrel changed. his bullets were finished, he was a sniper with kar98, and he spent about 3 cases and 400 bullets with him. he shook a grenade that was not enough. Finally, he got exhausted in the empty hive pool that reached his waist and started to wait for death.


the Americans came and looked, could not understand. They noticed his coat just as they squeezed it into his brain. The rank of US soldiers wermacht fetish is overflowing. “Were you alone, captain?” they said. He said I was the only soldier. “aha” he said, “you killed these sabers before the third hour.”

Heinrich, who was taken prisoner as a high ranking, had to admit that he was a private soldier in the third month of captivity. thereupon, he was very sympathetic to him. Yes. Killing an average of 2300 American soldiers, this coward turned into a sympathetic mascot. They released it at 47. They remained friends with the US soldiers who found himself in turret that day, until his death, and visited each other in the summer.

why? because man essentially wants to be loved, to love. whatever it is, a tiny bit of humor, a tiny survival effort tried out with an unscrupulous cadet coat, somehow ingrained in the heart of American soldiers. they nicknamed him a monster. The easy thing was to squeeze it on his head. they preferred the hard one.

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