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nba playoff pointers

The NBA playoffs point record is 63 points in Jordan, what about the next? We share a good list.

Along with the 2020 nba playoffs; it is the organization where a new basketball player is added to the list of players; who have scored the most points in 1 game in playoffs. Let’s examine this list on the axis of Donovan Mitchell; who became the 3rd player to score the most points in 1 game in the playoffs with 57 points in the 17 August 2020 utah denver match.

NBA Playoffs Highest Scoring Players List First;

1- Michael Jordan – 63 points
2- elgin baylor – 61 points
3- donovan mitchell – 57 points
4- charles barkley – 56 points
5- michael jordan – 56 points
6- wilt chamberlain – 56 points
7- allen iverson – 55 points
8- michael jordan – 55 points
9- michael jordan – 55 points
10- michael jordan – 55 points
11- ricky barry – 55 points
12- allen iverson – 54 points
13- michael jordan – 54 points
14- John Havlicek – 54 points
15- isaiah thomas – 53 points
16- jerry west – 53 points
17- wilt chamberlain – 53 points
18- allen iverson – 52 points
19- jerry west – 52 points
20- donovan mitchell – 51 points
21- lebron james – 51 points
22- Russell Westbrook – 51 points
23- Ray Allen – 51 points
24- sleepy floyd – 51 points
25- Sam Jones – 51 points

If we share some statistics about the list

  • Among the top 10 names on the list; there is no one to pursue an active basketball career except donovan mitchell.
  • The highest performance in the most recent history of the actively playing basketball and donovan mitchell’s performance is the 53 points that isaiah thomas scored in the match they won 129-119 against Washington wizards on May 2, 2017.
  • Topped the list, Michael Jordan performed this performance against their paired Boston Celtics in the first round of the 1986 nba playoffs eastern conference. Unfortunately, despite 63 points by Michael Jordan, Boston Celtics won the game 135-131 which went into 2 overtime.
  • Among the top 10 names on the list, only michael jordan and donovan mitchell lost the match despite their performance.
  • In addition to the top two names among the top 25 names on the list; Ray Allen lost the match despite his performance. However, the teams of the players; who lost the match despite performing these performances were also eliminated from that series. Unlike Ray Allen and Michael Jordan, donovan mitchell’s team utah jazz leads the series 3-2. If utah jazz passes this series, it will also destroy this statistic.
  • The rule said that the performances of the playoff matches were played in a different and difficult environment compared to the normal season, in the last American kitchen. Let me add as follows; 63 points, Michael Jordan’s record for “the highest points scored in a playoff game”, would only have been ranked 27th if he had made it to the “highest points scored in a game in a regular season” list.
  • Donovan Mitchell, the last added to this list, actually took a place at the top of the list with a statistic he made after this match. Donovan Mitchell, who scored 51 points in the first round of the 2020 nba playoffs western conference, where utah jazz won 129-127 this time, took the 20th place on this list with this performance.
  • The player who entered this list the most was michael jordan with a total of 6 times. Jordan scored +60 points 1 time and scored +50 points 5 times. furthermore, michael jordan won 5 of these matches, only 1 lost from the field and again, except for 1 match, he was the winner of the round in all other matches.
  • The oldest performance to enter the list was 53 points scored by the wilt chamberlain in the match played on March 14, 1960 and ended with the Philadelphia Warriors 132-112 Syracuse Nationals score. wilt chamberlain also has a total of 2 performances in this list.
  • Donovan Mitchell’s performance with 57 points and 51 points was the highest 2 play-off performances in the history of the utah jazz franchise. The previous record is the 50-point performance they played on April 22, 2000 in the match that ended with the result of 102-94 seattle supersonics in utah jazz.
  • According to the statistics of espn, one of the 2 names who were 23 years old or younger and scored +56 points in a play-off match became a donovan mitchell. Another of these names is michael jordan.

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