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We rediscovered how valuable and vital shelters our homes are. We can no longer deny that the world will probably live home-oriented for a few years. With this fact in front of us, wouldn’t it be a very smart move to turn our homes into more peaceful, more comfortable, more livable spaces? So how can we do that, where can we start? Here are small but important tips that will add comfort to our living spaces. Home decoration ideas:

1.Spacious placement that allows air flow

For our health, it is very important to constantly air the house we live in and to provide fresh air circulation in the house. Therefore, when planning the furniture placement; it would be wise to take care that the windows open and close easily; and that the furniture is placed in a way that does not interrupt the air flow. It is known that radon gases leaking from electrical devices in our living spaces accumulate in the room over time and these gases are harmful to health. However, since the accumulation of these gases in regularly ventilated living spaces is prevented, we create a healthier environment. Let’s ventilate our homes and do this not only with air conditioning, but also with air flow through open windows.

2.Let’s use our tables wisely –
home decoration ideas

It is one of the home decoration ideas.In the past, the dining table occupied an unused space in the living room that was opened when guests arrived. However, now that the face measurements of the houses have also shrunk; it has become necessary to use the areas more intelligently. Now, we should prefer to position the tables we have placed in our house not only for use in certain events; and days, but also to live a comfortable life. When choosing between table models; it may be the right choice to plan for what purposes you will use the table and to consider alternative areas of use.

If your house is small, instead of buying a separate table for the kitchen; and a separate table for the balcony, you can carry the table to the kitchen; whenever you want and to the balcony with a folding model that is both stylish and portable. When you close the dining table in the living room; it will occupy less space with its small dimensions, and you can use it as a common desk for periods when you will work with your spouse at home office. Let’s remember that working from home is now an important part of the world.

3.Decoration to support your psychology

When redecorating your home, you should never forget the fact that you will be spending a long time there. For this reason, you should create a design by choosing colors, accessories and even artworks; that will support your psychology in a positive way and give peace to your soul. You can complete the decoration of your home with paintings that you will like, impressive trinkets, small statuettes and a soothing lighting design that will support all of these. In addition, you should not neglect strategically important accessories such as seat covers or even carpet covers to make it easier to clean your seats and to change the dominant colors of the house. The important thing is that when you reach your home after a tired day or when you have to spend your days there; your living spaces should give you peace, comfort and happiness.

4.Comfortable chairs improve the quality of life – home decoration ideas

It is one of the home decoration ideas.We know how important ergonomic office chairs are for office workers who have to sit on chairs for long hours in offices. We can even add different apparatus and ergonomic supports to the chairs for our waist and back health. So why don’t we take the same care for the chairs in our house? The chair should serve a healthy and comfortable sitting in any environment. This rule also applies to the chairs you use at the kitchen table or the dining table in the living room. Sometimes, if the chairs of your tables in the house; where you spend your hours with our friends and family are not comfortable enough; the taste of those beautiful hours where everyone is together will eventually disappear.

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