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highly superior autobiographical memory

Let’s learn a little about this strange situation -Hyperthymesia- observed in people with an extraordinary autobiographical memory.

Hyperthymesia syndrome, which is derived from the word hyper; meaning extreme in Greek, and thymesia, which means remembering; which is called as the extremely superior autobiographical memory (high superior autobiographical memory), is the correct remembering of all the details of the events that occur in a large part of one’s life and everything related to them. That is, a person mentally experiences a time travel to the past. For example, when asked about a date, he can remember and tell what he did and what happened that day as if it were that day.

Studies suggest that hyperthymesia is related to the middle part of the forebrain and hippocampus regions that enable analytical thinking:


It was found that the amygdala region in these people’s brain was 20% larger than normal and there was an intense interaction between the amygdala and the hippocampus and other brain regions during autobiographical recall, and the brain uses a special code system to recall and retrieve stored information.

The first person to have Hyperthymesia seen

Jill Price, the first known case of this syndrome, said that the first memory she remembers was that she was afraid of her uncle’s dog around the age of 2, and from Tuesday, February 5, 1980, she remembered everything.

To another person with hyperthymesis, nima veiseh bbc future, “my memory is like videotapes. I play it in my mind every day from morning till night. ” made the explanation.

In the tests performed, it was seen that the memorization skills of these people with superior autobiographical memories were not very good. They received average scores from the standard memory tests performed. It has been noticed that these people spend a lot of time planning the future. Because of their tendency to think about past events. This situation negatively affects their thinking abilities.

Although it seems like an advantage, it also has disadvantages. Remembering past bad events more frequently, continuously and in detail is a negative effect. Those feelings like feeling like the day.

Although there is no scientific treatment yet, in the light of this; the limits of human memory capacity become more curious.

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