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What kind of bird is the Ravens? What is the difference between raven and crow? In this content, we will talk about the raven, a bird that surprises with its intelligence.

  • They are one of the smartest animals.
  • They can push boulders on them to prevent people from climbing their nests. If they can’t, they can bring a reptile you don’t like to touch and leave it on you.
  • If a raven sees another raven or other creature watching it while hiding its food; it may confuse the target by pretending to put his food in one place and hide it somewhere else.
  • They are, like parrots and lovebirds, can imitate sounds by memorizing them, that is, they can speak.
  • It is also known to imitate the sounds of wild animals such as wolves and foxes to hunt prey that he cannot overcome. Thus, they will eat what is left of wolves or foxes.
  • In many European countries such as France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, they are regarded as the disguise of evil, sometimes even the incarnation of the devil.
  • Ravens can have fun playing with a variety of toys, even if there is no toy, by themselves.
  • According to researchers, ravens can gesture to communicate. In a study conducted in Austria, it was found that ravens used their beaks to point to another bird to show an object, just like a finger.
  • They can empathize with other ravens. In a study; It was observed that among the they that fought, another raven came next to the raven, who lost the fight, and consoled him by touching him with its beak. They remember the birds they love and respond friendly to them for at least 3 years.
  • They are literally acrobats in the sky. They can tumble in the air.

Other information

  • They, including their beaks, are completely black from head to toe.
  • Ravens eat almost everything.
  • It has also been observed that ravens slide through the snow with makeshift sleds made of shells.
  • They have advanced learning skills. In an experiment aimed at achieving a piece of flesh attached to a rope by following a series of actions, the ravens succeeded after only 6 attempts, while the crows failed even after 30 attempts.
  • There are also rare white ravens in Canada.
  • Ravens work together to get equal amounts of food. But if they see a raven taking more than their fair share, they instantly lose their trust in it and never cooperate with that raven again.
  • As a study by Lund University has documented, ravens are capable of thinking ahead and planning for the future.
  • A raven named Jimmy (Jimmy the raven) has appeared in more than 1000 movies. The Raven Jimmy (Jimmy The Raven) belonged to the curly twiford animal trainer on hollywood. He could write letters, open them, and even ride a small motorcycle. twiford says Jimmy can do any job an 8-year-old can do.

Differences between ravens and crows

  • Ravens are bigger than crows.
  • The tail feathers of ravens are longer than that of crows.
  • Ravens have larger, thicker, curved beaks.
  • The lifespan of ravens is usually 25 to 30 years. but it is also known that they live up to 45 years. The life span of crows is usually 8 years.
  • Their voices are also different from each other.

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