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pedro almodovar spanis director

We share little known trivia and pleasant notes about the 70-year-old master Pedro Almodovar.
Preliminary note: The following content consists of the complete translation of the information on the various sites; both about the cinema and for the general stream, which contains detailed information about the director, by mutual confirmation. (imdb – the guardian – timeout – wikipedia – deadline – the-talks)

  • its full name is pedro almodovar caballero. According to Spanish tradition, children born are registered with their first name followed by their father’s surname and finally their mother’s maiden name. Almodovar is his father’s surname and Caballero is his mother’s maiden name, but he never used the Caballero.
  • His father, Antonio Almodovar, struggled with the rapid industrialization of the 1950s and at the same time ruled with all the weight of the fascist Franco regime; as one of the classic figures of rural to urban migration. He left his rural life and tried to hold on to the city. Someone he describes as ‘very kindhearted’ and pedro almodovar’s first commercial film, pepi, luci, died of lung cancer a week before his premiere in Madrid.
  • His father’s testament to Pedro Almodovar as the eldest child of the house, when he was on his deathbed, was his lifelong patronage of his youngest brother, augustin (also has two sisters) and his mother francisca.
  • His mother, Francisca, and his brother, Augustin, have cameoed in most of the almodovar movies. Augustin has also been with his brother in all almodovar films as a producer.
  • Pedro almodovar likens his films to the newly met person and says: “If you meet for the first time, the person in front of you often appears with his fun and positive side, but in the following encounters, he is now relaxed and with his real identity. I can say the same for my films, different things when you watch the second or third you can find…”
  • his favorite american actress is meryl streep.
  • He was born on September 24, 1949; but is registered on his ID as September 25 because his father registered him the day after his birth.
  • Uses only the last name for his films: an almodovar movie / un film de almodovar.
  • ‘Pain and Victory’, his latest film, is the eighth with Antonio Banderas and his sixth with Penelope Cruz.
  • Again considering his last film (pain and glory, 2019), the film of course contains a lot of autobiographical elements; but after the release of the film, Pedro Almodovar stated that the mallo character in the film never touched the heroine in real life; that he applied to relieve his pain (but he never denied that he used cocaine) …
  • Despite the objections of his family; he went to Madrid in 1967 in pursuit of his dreams of cinema and directing. When the fascist Franco regime closes the “national film academy”; the Almodovar goes on his own efforts and sets out to educate himself. There is no one he receives financial support; and he tried to earn a living by doing different jobs: selling used goods in the famous flea market of Madrid, working 12 years in telefonica, Spain’s telecom.
  • He bought his first camera, the super-8, at the age of 22 with the first stipend he got from telefonica and used it in short film trials.
  • Until the late 1970s, he shot short films with elements of extreme sexuality and almost all of them were shown in Madrid’s and Barcelona’s nightlife, bars, theme clubs, private parties, without soundtrack.
  • According to his own expression, he was 34 years old when he discovered his homosexuality. He says he had lived a bisexual life until then and was also with women.
  • homeland and breaking bad are his favorite dramas.
  • is an atheist.
  • States that he could not overcome his fear of death; and in some of his interviews he says that he always looks with envy to his mother; who died in 1999. Before his mother died, he planned all the details for his funeral and made it note to Pedro Almodovar.

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