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One of the most important complements to a good decoration is lighting. Correctly applied lighting with its ambience and appearance is indispensable for all spaces, whether indoors or outdoors. The choice of lighting, which is often overlooked or ignored in home decorations, can greatly change the atmosphere when different techniques and creative ideas are brought together. Due to the limited daylight and gloomy weather entering our living spaces during the winter months; the atmosphere we are in has become more important for our mood. Let’s take a look at the right lighting techniques to create pleasant environments where you can minimize negative effects and increase energy.

Start by choosing the right shades of light

Paying attention to the color of the light bulbs in the lighting is one of the things you need to do to create the ambiance you want. The tone of the light source is very important to change the mood of the environment. Whites can provide more light transmission, but keep in mind that they can create cooler tones. The differences between warm white, cool white and daylight tones can completely change the feel of a room. Shades such as yellow and red will give a light color to the light and make the atmosphere warmer. You can try these tones in different rooms and decide what works best for you according to their intended use.

Use light colored and fine fabrics

In order to reduce the effect of gloomy weather, besides lighting; the choices you make in complementary decoration products such as curtains and seat covers are also important. The light colors you prefer in these fabrics will create a brighter and brighter effect in the room. Saturated and dark colored fabric choices can trap the sunlight and create a darker and tiring environment. Also, do not forget to keep the curtains at the edges of the window in order to make the most of the natural light coming from outside.

Light up dark corners

There is always a dim spot in the living rooms where the light cannot reach. When natural light decreases, it becomes almost impossible to get efficiency from these areas. To make your environment more cozy and comfortable; a light source you place in these corners will be an effective solution.

Take advantage of mirrors and glossy surfaces

Mirrors are a great choice to reflect light in a room. A wall with a mirror can give the room the impression of being twice as large. If you think large mirrors can go beyond your budget; you can create a similar effect with shiny crystal or mirrored objects that you place in strategic corners of the room.

Include three different lighting types together

One of the most important techniques you should know for proper lighting is to use at least three different types of lighting in the environment. General lighting consists of light sources such as luminaire, chandelier, recessed ceiling, which are used practically to illuminate the entire area. Task lighting, on the other hand, is a functional light such as a table lamp or a bench lamp that illuminates the area you will use.

Finally, accent lighting provides an effect by highlighting objects such as accessories or works of art in decoration. According to design experts, you can provide the most effective lighting by using all three types in a room.

Use vibrant and bright colors to spice up the decoration

One of the ways to use the light in the environment effectively is to include vivid and bright colors in decoration. Although this may not seem like a lot to think about; it has long been accepted that colors have an impact on human psychology. Remarkable colors that you can use on accessories or on certain walls instead of soft colors will help you keep the mood high.

Try to cut down on carpets and rugs

If the floor of the room is wooden parquet, reducing the number of carpets and rugs to a minimum is definitely an idea you can consider. Especially in indoor weather, the light entering will reflect off bright parquets and give the walls and room a brighter appearance.

Use dimmer switched light sources

The most flexible and practical way to use lighting is to use light sources with dimmer switches. With these switches, you can gradually decrease and increase the brightness of the light, and you can create the appropriate environment for the changing mood during the day.

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