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chile earthquake 1960 facts

The 9.5 magnitude earthquake that took place in Valdivia, Chile on 22 May 1960, is the largest earthquake in the world measured with the Richter scale.

The 9.5 magnitude Valdivia earthquake is the largest of the massive earthquakes (8 earthquakes greater than 7.0 in total) that occurred in Chile on May 22, 1960.

Chile Earthquake 1960If we take a brief chronological look at the disasters in Chile in 1960

On May 21, at 6.02 am, the first of the concepción earthquakes occurs. The 8.1 or 8.3 mw earthquake that lasted 35 seconds destroyed one third of the Concepción. Telecommunications connection with the south of Chile is disconnected.

  • The second Concepción earthquake occurs at 6.30 am on May 22. 2 minutes after the 7.1 mw earthquake, there is another 6.8 aftershock.
  • Again on May 22 at 14.56, the third concepción earthquake of 7.8 mw occurs. These three earthquakes are considered as the leading shocks of the great Valdivia earthquake. (The distance between Concepción and Valdivia was 206,91miles)

Just 15 minutes after the 3rd Concepción earthquake, the worst earthquake in world history, the Valdivia earthquake, occurs at 15:11

Waves of up to 25 meters wash the coast of Chile. Tsunami; It also hits countries such as Hawaii, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and China. After the earthquake, the electricity and water infrastructure of the city is completely bankrupt. Despite heavy rains around Valdivia since May 21, the city suffers from a shortage of drinking water. 25% of the earthquakes in the 20th century were earthquakes triggered by this great earthquake.

As if the earthquakes weren’t enough on May 24, the volcanic mountain called Cordón Caulle also took action.

  • On June 6, there is another 7.8 mw earthquake.
  • On June 20, a 7.0 mw earthquake occurs.
  • On 1 November, an earthquake of 7.4 mw occurs.
  • There is a 7.3 mw earthquake on 2 December.
  • In addition, in Peru, located just north of Chile, there were 2 earthquakes of 7.5 and 7.1 mw in January 1960 and another earthquake of 7.6 MW in November.

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