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english landscape garden

We have 10 ideas to make the dream of a romantic garden striking English nobility come true …
Close your eyes and imagine. Natural sections in the garden, a natural look, open air rooms, fragrant flower beds, plants dancing freely… These images are indispensable for a romantic English garden. If you want to create a soft, romantic effect in your garden, your job is not too difficult. You can combine your English Landscape Garden with this style in 10 steps.

1- Start from work

We say that there is no limit in a English Landscape Garden, there is immense freedom, but of course you should not neglect security. It is best to use a fence for this. White fences or natural wood fence material goes well with the natural garden. If you want to create a green wall right at the back, include green plants at all times. These plants must be in natural form; Like a flame bush or viburnum… If the shadow is an area, you can also use a hydrangea. If you live in an area with a temperate climate, a natural hedge made of bougainvillea also creates a decorative image.

2- Even if he speaks the language …

Be sure your romantic garden would list the ivy species first on her favorite plant list! Hederaes, purple hyacinths, passionflower… All of them are plants that complement this style. When using different species, you should definitely include vines as well as shrubs and seasonal flowers. While covering the stone wall surface of the building, it also provides softening with the effect of green texture. You can also use this detail on stone garden walls or fences.

3- Natural form plant arrangement

Free-form plants are a must for a English Landscape Garden effect. Consider how many plants you can fit in a flower bed, depending on the harmony of color and form. If you do finger calculations, you need more than one person, be aware. Excessive irregularities, formless and mixed compositions can cause restlessness. Be you, just because I have to use too many types, do not cause it.

4- Rose garden is a must

It may sound cliché, but it is a fact that roses come first among romantic flowers. You can plant roses in different colors and forms with a circular system and you can switch between them. When choosing these species, pay attention to the climatic characteristics of your area. While adding fragrant flower species to this garden, create a sitting area where you can sip your tea right next to it.

5- Don’t be afraid to step on the grass

Grass areas are also of great importance. To do this, create grass hills, reveal the form of the land and don’t be afraid to roam freely on it. Grass maintenance can be more difficult than other types of ground cover, but with regular maintenance, you can have healthy lush grass. Support these areas damaged by cold weather during the winter as spring days approach. You can regain its old form with some renewals. If you are going to make grass in the field for the first time, try roll grass application instead of seeds for quick results.

6- a world of glass

Having a glass winter garden in the garden also creates a warm effect. Floral pattern seating sets, lemons in pots, orange trees, kumquats… Even banana trees, starliçes… You can also use indoor plants such as love ladder, benjamin and bamboo to support them.

7- cool in its shade

It is the plants that attract attention in the English garden style, with their vast grass areas and the forms they grow in nature. These gardens are planned with a free spirit and give people the feeling that they are not detached from nature. Add tall trees to your garden to breathe under. Weeping willow, sycamore, acacia species, fragrant linden… You can expand this list according to the size of your garden.

8- Taste feast

You can use the backyard and grow vegetables and fruits in their most natural form. From artichokes to beans, tomatoes to cherry and even edible flowers, you can bring a wide variety from your garden to your kitchen.

9- Reasons

Water games come to mind when it comes to naturalness. Must add to the garden. For this, you can include a natural water lily pond or a red fish pond. Another option is to design a pond that will be one with a grass area with aquatic plants.

10- Create green rooms

Create as much seating space as possible. In outdoor rooms where you will create a green texture, use seating groups made of wood or wrought iron material where you can feel the romantic texture to the fullest. From this point, watch lavender blending with the scent of pink roses, and delphinium flowers flirting with yellow-flowered asters.

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