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We are a society that tends to put lighting in the background when decorating homes. However, a good decoration is possible with the right lighting. The right lighting design is an important issue in terms of health; while enriching the home decoration and supporting the psychology of the home residents. Home lighting is important in home decoration. So what are the 5 golden rules we shouldn’t know for the right lighting design?

1.Use the location of the house

Every home has a natural light position. Use this to your advantage. We recommend that you carefully observe your home for a few days before planning your lighting-oriented decoration. From sunrise to sunset in the morning; by carefully examining where the sun rises, from which rooms and angles the sunlight enters the house, you can determine which rooms and which corners need lighting during the day. You may think that it is not necessary to turn on the lights in the house during the day; but in some homes, it is possible that a room and sometimes even the halls are in the shade during the day; and other apartments, houses or trees may remain in the dark due to the shadows.

If you spend a lot of time in your rooms in this situation in your home; you should even consider the kitchen. If you think it needs better lighting, it’s time to act. Then, you can start choosing the chandelier models or lamp and floor lamp models that are suitable for the conditions of your home and the decoration plan in your mind.

2.The right lighting for health

Before planning the lighting scheme of our home; it is necessary to understand the importance of lighting in our lives and human health. It is no coincidence that millions of people in Northern Europe who spend most of the year in indoor weather are dealing with the problem of depression. The solution suggested by the health system for these people is to create a peaceful and warm light at home with the right lighting systems. In fact, it should be remembered that countries that wanted to overcome this severe depression problem that turned into an epidemic banned the sale of cold and dull light bulbs like fluorescent years ago.

3.What lighting equipment

When choosing your lighting equipment, it is normal to choose models that are suitable for your home’s design language. However, you should also choose equipment suitable for the warm light sources you need. When decorating concerns come to the fore, it doesn’t happen without a chandelier. Now, with both led chandelier and normal chandelier models, our decorative lighting options in our living spaces are enriched. However, while chandeliers are the equipment that illuminate the room in general; you can choose the spot lamp option to illuminate the points you need in the room more intensely.

4.Which light

Bulb selection is also a very important part of lighting management. We can say that smart bulbs, controlled by applications on smart phones, have made a breakthrough in this regard. Thanks to these bulbs you will place in your rooms, you can change the light of the room at any level you want; turn it on and off, using the mobile application on your smartphone, without leaving your place. It is even possible to change the color of the light in some smart bulb types. Of course, when choosing a light bulb, we recommend that you pay attention to the color and temperature of the light it emits, and if possible, try it. You should look for a light that adds energy to you and relaxes your eyes, instead of a light that tires your eyes, suffocates your soul, and spoils you.

5.Light play with mirrors, reflections and accessories

When planning home lighting, you should also consider the interaction of accessories in your rooms with light. Even the pictures on the wall, mirrors, photo frame or glass on the bookshelf will produce different results such as absorption or reflection of light and directly affect the lighting in the room. Likewise, the mirrors you place in the room will directly affect the light of the room.

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