oceanofinfo Kasım 6, 2020

Charlie Chaplin was a great artist, but what about his personal life? Of course, art and the artist themselves should be considered separately, yet the behind-the-scenes life of a public figure is not that curious. Here are the surprising details. Chaplin … a director, actor, comedian and pedophile. Yes, you did not hear it wrong, […]

oceanofinfo Kasım 2, 2020

This event, defined as Crush syndrome or death of liberation; can cause the survivors of the earthquake debris to die in a very short time. About 20% of deaths after major earthquakes occur immediately after rescue. Death that develops immediately after the patient is taken out of the debris or rescued after earthquakes is called […]

oceanofinfo Ekim 28, 2020

Since microwave oven cooks fast and saves water, many vitamins and minerals are less lost during the cooking process. For example, spinach cooked in a normal way loses 77% of the vitamin B9 (folic acid) in it, and almost no loss when cooked with the microwave. However, this is not the case for vitamin B12, […]

oceanofinfo Ekim 22, 2020

What is testicular cancer, why is it, what are its symptoms, how is it treated? Those wondering about testicular cancer, where early diagnosis is possible with self-testicular examination. Testicular cancer is the most common type of cancer in men between the ages of 20-40, which can usually be seen in one or both testicles in […]

oceanofinfo Ekim 22, 2020

Camping is a choice where you prefer nature with all its difficulties to comfort. If you have chosen nature, then recommendations to make it as pleasant as possible and as comfortable as possible. Camping is also being left alone with nature. Be respectful. Do not set up tents in the summer resorts where local people […]

oceanofinfo Ekim 14, 2020

The 9.5 magnitude earthquake that took place in Valdivia, Chile on 22 May 1960, is the largest earthquake in the world measured with the Richter scale. The 9.5 magnitude Valdivia earthquake is the largest of the massive earthquakes (8 earthquakes greater than 7.0 in total) that occurred in Chile on May 22, 1960. Chile Earthquake […]