oceanofinfo Ekim 8, 2020

You may have wondered how penguins deal with this situation, as one of your coldest places is your feet. Although our minds lead us to those who live in the Antarctic tundra; there are many penguin species and freezing of their feet is not a problem for every penguin. In fact, some penguin species live […]

oceanofinfo Ekim 8, 2020

The inflammatory fluid accumulation in the joints, which can be seen in people of all ages, is commonly called rheumatism. The treatment of this disease goes through a long process and restricts people’s movements and activities. There are foods for people with this disease … so what are these foods? Rheumatism, which is a common […]

oceanofinfo Ekim 8, 2020

Does sexual life end in patients with cancer treatment? Cancer can initially cause serious anxiety and depression in many people diagnosed with the disease. It is a very common problem that emotionally affected patients deteriorate their relationship with their partners. THE PATIENT SHOULD BE TRANSPARENT TO THE DOCTOR Your sexual life; It is an area […]

oceanofinfo Ekim 5, 2020

January has been determined as the cervical cancer awareness month all over the world.Be careful Cervical cancer symptoms; if you have complaints such as pain or bleeding during or after sexual intercourse, groin pain after gynecological examination, unusual, smelly discharge from the vagina! The cervix (cervix) is the neck of the uterus that opens into […]

oceanofinfo Ekim 3, 2020

Stating that consuming turmeric with black pepper increases the absorption of the spice by 20 times. Especially when a pinch is thrown into fatty meals, it interacts with the oil and provides maximum benefit. Consuming a teaspoon of turmeric fresh daily is enough to take full advantage of the spice that is a cure for […]

oceanofinfo Ekim 2, 2020

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the world after cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, its incidence is still increasing in developing countries. According to the data of the project called GLOBOCAN, which the World Health Organization conducts international cancer research; Last year, 18 million people were diagnosed with cancer and the number of […]