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pokemon gold silver crystal walkthrough

Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal Walkthrough : We start the game in the character’s room. Go downstairs from the stairs. Downstairs, the character’s mother gives you your “poké gear”. Get out of the house and take your pokémon from Prof. Elm, from the building in the upper left corner of your house. Go left. Fight and experience the pokémons on the grass. Before entering the big building, which you will see above, on the road, continue to the left. The first city you will arrive at is “Cherrygrove City”.

There is an old man at the entrance to the city. Talk to him and get the “map” from him. Fill your pokémon in the poker center here. Go up the lawn on the right. Above right on the edge of the trees in the “Mr. Pokémon’s House” the man with the blue hat will give you an “egg”. Prof. Oak will give you Pokédex. After leaving the house, Prof. Elm calls you on the phone and asks that a pokémon has been stolen and you come right next to him. Go back the same way. As we leave Cherrygrove City, we come across the thief and we fight him. Defeat the thief and we return to Prof. Elm.

Here we are talking to the police, the police want us to name the thief (the name you write is up to you). Then talk to Prof. Elm. As you leave the lab, Professor Elm’s assistant will give you 5 “pokéballs”. You can now catch pokémon. If you want, you can ask your character to stop by his mother and save your money. A man teaches you how to catch pokémon as you leave “New Bark Town”, the city of your character (Wakaba Town) from the left.

While catching Pokémon, we click on “Pack” during the battle. Use the right and left arrow keys to find Pokéball, click and throw the pokéball.

Falkner – The Zephyr Badge

After that we will go to “Violet City”. We follow the same road again and come to Cherrygrove City. From here, we go up from the left side, not the right side where we go to Mr. Pokémon’s House. “Dark Cave” will come before us here. We will not go into it. We continue on the left. We will see the “Transition Building” in the future. Get into it. Fill your pokémons in the poké center that you come across from the building. Go upstairs and enter the “Sprout Tower”.

If you have chosen “Totodile” as pokémon, you can use Hoothoot and Rattata, which you will catch in the forest, because the Bellsprouts in the trainers will hit your pokémon super effectively. When we defeat the leader of Bellsprout Tower, we will get the item “H5 (FLASH)”. We will illuminate the dark caves with the pokémon we will give this item.

Now we can enter the GYM and get our badge. The GYM has a purple-roofed building and coaches with flying pokémons inside. When you defeat the leader and leave the GYM, Professor Elm calls you and tells you to get the egg from his assistant in the poké center in the city where you are now. Go to Poké center, talk to Prof. Elm’s assistant and get the egg. The egg will open after about 1-2 hours and “Togepi” will come out.

Bugsy – The Hive Badge

We take our egg and leave the Poké center. Go left. Go up next to the market and turn left. Go down by using the transition building you will see later. Here you will see two caves. First, there is a puzzle in the cave. If you solve this puzzle, you will go to the cave below. Solving the puzzle is not compulsory, the decision is yours. Use the transition building below. When you get out, go down. Poké center will appear on your way. Replenish your Pokémon’s health.

When you get out, go down. You will see “Union Cave” on the left. Enter here. Catch pokémon in the cave and fight with the coaches. When you exit the cave, continue on the left. A man in black stands in front of a cave-like place. This guy, a member of the rocket team, won’t let you into the cave. Continue on the left. You will arrive at “Azalea Town”. The Gym here is also hired by the rocket team member. Enter the “Kurt’s House” above the GYM. Talk to the man. He will leave the house.

You too enter the “Slowpoke Well” (the cave with a rocket team member just in front of it) on the right side of the town. There’s a rocket team member there. Defeat them and save the Slowpoke. After your work in the cave is done, you will be in Kurt’s House. Talk to the man and he will give you a “Lure Ball”. Now we can take aim. There are insect pokémons at the GYM here. Fire and flying pokémon species finish their job. By the way, Togepi’s egg will most likely be opened here.

Whitney – The Plain Badge

When you get your order, head to the Crossing Building on the left. “Thief” will stop you before you enter the building. Play a pokémon match with him and make your transition. There will be a child here. He lost the flying pokémon named Fartfetch’d. We will chase the bird several times in the forest. Finally, the pokémon will return to the boy. The man next to the boy will give us “H1 (CUT)”. Teach this item to your grass pokémon. If the first pokémon you got was Chikorita, don’t teach him. Teach another type of grass pokémon. When you teach H1 (CUT), there is a thin tree just above the boy, man and pokémon. To cut the tree, select the pokémon you taught CUT to and click CUT.

Go left then go up. Turn right. There Is A Green Headed Man Talk To Him He Will Give The TM02(Headbutt).It can drop pokemons on its pine-shaped trees and catch it. Go up and turn left. You will see a building at the end on the left. Get into it. Go outside using the blue colored doors inside. Go upstairs. You will arrive in Goldenrod City. On your way up, stop by the Day-Care family on the right (House with garden, old husband and wife in it). Talking to the old man in the house, he will give you another egg. One of the mini pokemons that have not evolved comes out of this egg. You need to have a maximum of 5 Pokemon with you to get the egg.

Refill lives in the Pokémon Center. Go upstairs and there is GYM on the left. There are Normal type Pokémons here. If you have a Martial Pokémon, you can easily finish it. When the leader is defeated, he does not give you the badge. Walk down slightly. Then a girl in blue will talk to you. When he speaks to the leader again he will give you the badge. Here there is also a one-story building adjacent to the lower left corner of the center of poké. You can go downstairs, beat the coaches, get the “Coin Case” and gamble in the “Game Corner” of the poker center. By the way, if you want a radio, you can buy your radio by knowing the questions in the Radio Tower, which is made of metal at the top left.

Morty – The Fog Badge

There will be a playing tree on our way. To pass it you need an item called “Squirtbottle”. To the right of the GYM is a house with a flower garden. We go into it and take it from one of the girls. Also, the building to the right of Marker is Bike Shop. You can get your free bike. Now go straight up. Enter the brown roofed building in the upper left corner of the GYm. Pass it and go straight up. There is another building similar to this. Get into it. Have Togepi with you. If not, use the computer in the upper left corner and get it. Guard Togepi takes it to the National Park while we are with us. Once inside, there is the transition building on the right. Use it. Go down, turn right and go up.

When the tree appears in front of you, enter “PACK” and use “Squirtbottle”. This is a pokémon and its name is “Sudowood”. You can save the game and try to catch the pokémon before using the Squirtbottle. He will give you “Rock Smash” when he speaks to the fat blue man on the right side of the tree. This helps to break cracked rocks. After talking to the man, turn left and go up from the top left.

You will finally reach Ecruteak City. Ghost pokemons are hard to beat in the gym. As you lose money, you lose money. First go to MART and buy necessary things. Here enter the “Kimono Girls” house above the pokémon center. All of them have different types of Eevee. If we start from the top left, in turn, the first pokemon fire type flareon, the second pokemon psychic type espeon, the third pokemon dark type umbreon, the fourth pokemon water type vaperon, the fifth pokemon electric type jolteon.

It will give you the item “H3 (SURF)”. Thanks to this, we will be able to move through the waters through our pokémon. If you have caught Scyther in the National Park, his attack is PURSUIT dark attack, so he will hit the ghosts super effective. Enter the GYM. There are ghost pokémons here. The way you will move does not appear. The way the road moves:

Ecrutaek Gym Map

There are two important buildings in this city. One of them is “Burned Tower” and the other is “Tin Tower”. There are legendary dogs (Raikou, Entei, Suicune) in Burned Tower and “HO-OH” on the roof of Tin Tower.
Go up over the GYM. In the upper left corner is Burned Tower. Once inside, we play a match with the THIEF. Then walk to the upper left corner. Break the breakable rock there with the pokemon you taught Rock Smash. Turn right. Match with the fat in the red outfit. Jump down the rocks through the black-shaped hole there. Legendary dogs will appear before you. When you walk towards them, they will scatter around.

Chuck – The Storm Badge and Jasmine – The Mineral Badge

Use the passage building to the left of the city. We arrive at “Olivine City” by going from the left. We enter the “Olivine Lighthouse” at the bottom right of the city. Come on. Head right up. Turn left. Use the ladder below and go upstairs. Walk to the right and go up. Play a match with Gentleman. Walk upwards to the left. Play a match with the sailor. Use the ladder and go upstairs. Play a match with the mohawk haired guy in the blue outfit. Head right and go up. Play a match with the gentleman at the head of the ladder. Defeat him and go upstairs. Defeat the girl on the left on the new floor. Then jump down through the left rectangular space. Fight the sailor and climb the ladder.

On this floor, go up the stairs again. Fight the sailor and go upstairs. When you reach the top floor, you will meet the girl who will give the 6th medal. The pokémon next to this is sick. The girl does not return to her GYM without curing the sick pokémon. You can jump to the bottom floor by jumping from the rectangular spaces on the right. To improve this, it is necessary to go to the island city of Cianwood City.

Get Good Rood from the man in the house above the Pokemon center. We will catch the water pokemon with this. Go to the water’s edge. Press ENTER and enter PACK. Choose GOOD ROOD. Sometimes the fishing line is empty. Teach SURF to the water pokemon you have caught. Then enter the house to the left of the Poké center. The seafarer at home will give you the item “H4 (STRENGTH)”. Thanks to this, you will be able to push some rocks.

You go to Cianwood with the pokemon we teach SURF. If you want, when you take the “Whirlpool” HM in Mahogany Town, you can stop by the “Whirl Islands” on the way and catch some pokémons here. To get to Cianwood City, swim to the bottom left in the sea. When you arrive in the city, enter the pharmacy, which is the one-door house in the lowest part of the city. Get the medicine from the pharmacist. GYM is on the left. There are fighting pokémons. If you have flying and psychic pokémons, you can easily finish them off.

To reach the leader alone, you must teach a pokémon strength. There are three rocks next to each other. Push the left and right forward. You will push the middle one either right or left. If you make a mistake, exit the GYM and enter back. When you defeat the leader and exit, take “HM02 (FLY)” from the woman in black at the door and teach your flying pokémon. With this item, you can fly to the cities you pass.

Fly to Olivine City. Enter the Lighthouse here and go to the top floor. Give me the item we bought from the pharmacy at Cianwood. So the pokémon will recover and the girl will return to her GYM. We go directly to GYM.

Pryce – The Glacier Badge

Fly to Ecruteak City. Use the Transition building on the right. We will reach Mahogany Town when we go right through the waters. The rocket team has taken over this place. This is why you cannot enter the GYM. We will go directly up to the “Lake of Rage”. The lake is at the top. There is a red “Gyarados” in the lake. Go over to him and defeat him or catch him, the decision is yours. Then after you are done with Gyarados, there will be a cape at the bottom of the lake. The man’s name is “Lance”. After speaking, the man will turn and fly.

Return to Mahogany Town. There is a single storey building above the Poké center, enter it. There’s Lance in the building. After Lance beats the man inside, a ladder will open in the upper right corner, get off from there. Fight and talk with everyone downstairs. Then go downstairs. Here we will meet Lance again. It will fill the lives of our Pokémon. We Need 2 Passwords After Defeat Everyone, Speak So That Those Who Know The Password Will Deliver You Then Go To The Lower Floor, Open The Door.

Defeat Team Boss There Is A Blue Bird There Talk To Him He Will Give You Another Password Go Up There Is A Partition With Electrode The Door Is Opened With The Password Given By The Bird Someone Is Coming Fight With It The Rocket Team Is Running Fight With 3 Electrode You Need To Cut Off The Power Or This Tool Forcibly Evolves Pokemon Like GYARADOS.

Talk to Lance when you beat the Electrodes. It will give you the item “WHIRLPOOL”. With it, you can destroy hoses above water. Now get out of the building and go. You Saved the Town. Now we can enter the GYM. This place is full of ice pokémons. Think of it as a labyrinth. To reach the liter go left and reach the top left. Then go right. Then go down to the square. Then scroll down again to the bottom poké ball statue. Then slide to the left. Then Yukaru slide. Move right as the last move and you are directly in front of the leader.

Team Rocket

Professor ELM calls us when we take our engagement and leave the GYM. He says the rocket team raided Goldenrod City. Next stop is Goldenrod City Radio Tower. We go out in front of Goldenrod City poker center by flying pokémon. We dive into Radio Tower. And beat everyone in the building. There is the boss on the top floor. When he defeats him, he will give us the “Basement Key” to open the door in the underground tunnel. After getting this, go to the underground tunnel. The underground tunnel is in a single-storey building just above the Radio Tower.

Enter the building and go down the stairs. There is a narrow gap on the right, go there and open the blue door. Go down the ladder. Thief appears on the new floor. Defeat its. Continue to the left. After defeating all rocket team elements, click on the mechanism next to the elements from left to right. Take turns defeating the green men, passing through the leftmost passage. The last girl who looks like Jessie remains. Move forward and defeat all the rockets inside. At the end you will find the blue-haired radio building manager with a black hat. He will give you the “Card Key” that will enable you to open the electronic door in the radio building. After getting this, we go back to the radio building.

We go to the second floor of the radio building. Open the right electronic door. Get to the top floor by defeating the rocket team members. Defeat Giovanni, the top floor rocket team boss. When he defeats the boss, all members of the rocket team will leave and the company president will come. It will give you “Rainbow Wing” if you are playing Pokémon Gold, and “Silver Wing” if you are playing Pokémon Silver. You can catch Ho-oh with Rainbow Wing and Lugia with Silver Wing. In Lugia “Whirl Islands”; but we will need the “masterball” to catch it.

Clair – The Rising Badge, ice path walkthrough

Now we can go to Blackthorn City. To go to the city, enter the “Ice Path” located on the right hand side of Mahogany Town. Here you get a lot of ice pokémon. https://dai.ly/x7xylna Video link for this place. Get all the ingredients on Ice Path. One of them has a “WATERFALL” item. This allows you to go up the waterfalls. Towards the end of the Ice Path, you have to push some rocks into the pits. After doing these, throw yourself out of the hole in the upper left corner and defeat the GYM leader. But when you defeat him, he does not give the order immediately. He asks you to find a dragon item (dragon scale if I remember correctly).

This item is in the “Dragon’s Den” cave right behind the GYM. You will need surf and whirlpool items in this cave. It is not difficult, you will find the dragon item by going to the left. As soon as you find it, the GYM leader comes and gives you your 8th badge. You can now go to the pokémon league.

Going to the Pokémon League

When you come out of the cave, Professor Elm calls you and says he will give you something. When you come back to New Bark Town and talk to the Professor he gives you a “Master Ball”. You can catch one of the legendary birds with it. If you are playing Pokémon Gold; Catch Ho-oh from the roof of the Tin Tower, or Lugia from the Whirl Islands if you’re playing Pokémon Silver. These are pokémons that will be very useful for you. Then surf the right side of New Bark Town. There is a little cave called “Tohjo Falls”. Here you need a “waterfall” item.

Once you enter the cave, enter the puddle in front of you with the pokémon using the Surf item. Stand in front of the waterfall and use the waterfall u pokémon. You will climb to the top of the waterfall. Take the right and go down the waterfall on your right. Take the exit on your right. Once you get out of the cave, defeat the red-haired girl trainer on your right. Pass the puddle on the right.

Continue with the fat man. Defeat the coaches on the brick-looking bridge in front of you. As you go up, you will see a hut in front of you. The girl in a blue outfit will fill your pokemones. When you reach the building above, you will enter the cave. Go up the ladder and go down the ladder on the left. Go upstairs with the ladder in the upper left corner used to change floors. Go a few steps down on the new floor and use the ladder on the right. Go ahead and go down the stairs on the right. Go upstairs and use the changing stairs. Do not use the ladder on this floor and go up.

Cave exit will come in front of you. Head towards this and get ready to fight the Thief. The thief’s Pokémons; Pokemon: Sneasel Lvl.34, Golbat Lvl.36, Magneton Lvl.35, Haunter Lvl.35, Kadabra Lvl.35, If You Choose Cyndaquil 6.Pokemon: Feraligatr Lvl.38, If You Choose Chikorita: Typlosion Lvl.38, If You Chose Totodile: Meganium Lvl. 38.

Exit the cave and enter the “Indigo Plateu”. Replenish your Pokémon’s lives and walk into the space on your right and go up the ladder on your left.

Pokémon League start!

Will, the first rival psychic pokémons; first pokémon psychic / flying Xatu, second pokémon Exeggutor grass / psychic, third pokémon ice / psychic Jynx, third pokémon water / psychic Slowbro, fourth pokémon psychic / flying Xatu …
Second rival insect pokémon instructor Koga; first pokémon bug / poison Ariados, second pokémon bug / venom Forretress, third pokémon bug / venom Venomoth, fourth pokémon poison Muk, fifth Pokémon poison / flying Crobat …
Third rival martial pokémon instructor Bruno; first pokémon is Hitmontop, second pokémon is rock / place Onix, third pokémon is Hitmonchan, fourth pokémon is Machamp, fifth pokémon is Hitmonlee.
Fourth rival dark pokémon instructor Karen; first pokémon Umbreon, second pokémon grass / poison Vileplume, third pokémon Dark / Flying Murkrow, fourth pokémon Gengar, fifth pokémon Houndoom.
And in the FINAL, our rival is Champion LANCE, the dragon pokémon trainer; The first pokémon is Gyarados Lvl. 44, the second pokémon is Dragonite Lvl. 47, the third pokémon is Charizard Lvl. 46, the fourth pokémon is Aerodactyl Lvl. 46, the fourth pokémon is Dragonite Lvl. 47, the sixth pokémon is Dragonite Lvl. 50 …

Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal Walkthrough | SECOND WORLD: KANTO

We continue the game. We are in front of our house in New Bark. Prof. Elm is calling on the phone. He’s calling to his lab. “S.S. Ticket ”. Let’s fly to Olivine City. Let’s enter the building in the lower right corner of the Pokémon center. Let’s use the underpass. Walk downstairs, talk to the sailor on the left and get on board. When we board the ship, a man hits us and says he is looking for his grandson. Go around all the cabins, beat everyone. If you click on the bed in the cabin with the sailor at the door, the pokémons are hurt. Go downstairs. The sailor here is not passing us.

We’ll go back upstairs. Defeat the sailor in one of these cabins. Go downstairs again. You can pass by the sailor just before. Here too, beat everyone. Go up the ladder on the left. There is only one cabin here. Talk to the girl over there and we will return to her grandfather who just hit us. We will talk to the old man, and he will give us the “Metal Coat”. Now we can get off the ship. When we talk to the sailor at the entrance of the ship, we get off the ship.

The Badges

Now let’s enter the GYM in Vermilion City. There are electric pokémons at the GYM here.Here go up when you get the badge. Go inside the two-story building and go to Saffron City. GYM above here. Use the Teleport fields Top right, Top left, Bottom left, Bottom left to reach Sabrina. Leader Sabrina has psychic pokémons.Next is Celadon City. Take the passage building on the left of the city and take Route 7 to Celadon City. When you use the transition building here, there is a lawn in the upper left corner. There you can catch 2 types of dark-type pokémon Morkrow and Houndour at night. The GYM here is at the bottom left. You can cut and enter the bush with the pokémon you teach “CUT”. Coaches use grass-type pokémon.

Next is Fuchsia City. Use the transition building on the left. You will now be riding your bike. Get down. Use the transition building in the lower right corner. There are trainers using Poison type at the GYM here.
Now fly to Saffron City. Get up here. Use the transition building above. When you go up, you will arrive at Cerulean City. Head towards the right side of town. Cut the bush in the parallel row roller track with “CUT”.

Power Plant

Continue to the right. Beat any coaches in your way. You will see water above. There, use the “SURF” to go right, down and left. Kanto Power Plant will appear in front of you. Get inside and talk to those inside. They will tell you that the machine part was stolen from the building. Return to Cerulean City and enter the GYM. Once inside, the Rocket Team member will hit you. He will run away from GYM after talking to you. Go up town. You will see the Rocket Team member on the brick paved bridge. Talk to him and beat.

He will tell you where the piece of machinery he was playing is. Now keep going up. At the end of the bridge, turn right and beat the coaches. Ahead, Misty, standing by the water in her orange outfit, will come to talk to you and return to GYM. Now go to GYM and defeat Misty. There is a small square pool in the middle of the GYM. Find the “Machine Part” by standing by the pool and pressing the “Z” key of the keyboard at every step towards the pool.

While doing this, let it not be the pokémon that you gave “SURF” Hm on you. Otherwise, you will just swim in water and not find the Machine Part. Now get out of GYM and go back to Kanto Power Plant without forgetting to take the pokémon you gave “SURF” Hm with you. Talk to the fat in red next to the generators and give the piece. He will give you TM07 Zap Cannon. Teach your electric pokémons. It is a powerful attack.There is a cave next to the poker center just above the building.


Take the pokémon you taught the “FLASH” HM, and pass the cave. You will arrive in Lavender Town. Here is the high-rise Radio Station building. Talk to the man in the blue-haired black hat inside, facing the wall. He will give you an “Expn Card”. With this item, the station “Poke Flute” will appear on your radio that will awaken the Snorlax. After getting this, we can fly to Vermilion City. You will see the Snorlax lying on the right. Go over to him. Press the “ENTER” key of the keyboard and click PokéGear. Press the right direction button 3 times to go to the radio. Find the Poké Flute channel by pressing the lower directional key. Now exit by pressing the “X” key of the keyboard. Soon Snorlax will awaken and you will fight. A strong pokémon. I suggest you catch it.

Fly to Saffron City to save the Power Plant. The high-rise “Silph Co. Enter the house in the upper left diagonal of the “Office Building” building. Go upstairs inside the house. Talk to “Copycat” (The type will change to you when talking to you). Then fly to Vermilion. Enter the Pokémon Fun Club at the top of the GYM. Talk to the fat man in the blue suit next to the Clefairy toy. He will give you the toy standing next to him. Then go back to Saffron and give the toy to Copycat. He will give you a “Pass”. With this you can now travel between Saffron-Goldenrod.

Now fly to Vermilion. Enter Diglett’s Cave, where you awaken the Snorlax in front of you. Have pokémon with you when you give “CUT” while entering the cave. You will use it on exit. When you exit the cave, cut the bush on the left. You will go upstairs and arrive at Pewter City.


You can get “Silver Wing” if you play Pokemon Gold from the blue old man in the upper right corner of the city, and “Rainbow Wing” if you play Pokemon Silver. You can now catch Ho-Oh, or the other legendary bird found in the Tin Tower in Ecruteak City. If you are playing Pokemon Gold; Lugia is in a cave system accessible from the islands below Olivine City. If you caught Ho-Oh with the masterball, take some ultraballs with you. In addition, among the pokemons you take with you, there should be the ones you give Surf, Whirlpool and Flash items. You can catch Lugia by watching the video. Link:  https://dai.ly/x7xyjjc

Brock and Blaine

Now we can enter GYM and beat Brock. When you get the badge, go straight down and arrive at “Pallet Town”. Here enter the rectangular sea recess with “SURF” and go down to “Cinnabar Island”. When you arrive on the island, you will see Blue (Gary) just above the Poké center. When he speaks to you, he will go to the GYM in Viridian City. On the sign next to the Poké center, Bunda says, “Blaine’s GYM has moved to the Seafoam Islands.” has writing. Go into the water and continue on the right. Blaine is inside the cave on an island on the right.


Flying to Viridian City, Blue (Gary) ‘s Pokémons in GYM; Pidgeot Lvl.56, Rhydon Lvl.56, Alakazam Lvl.54, Gyarados Lvl.58, Exeggutor Lvl.58, Arcanine Lvl.58.


Now go down to Pallet Town. Talk to Prof. Oak here. Go back to Viridian City. Go to the left of the city. Enter the Pokémon League Victory Road Entrance. Go left, go through the narrow gap and go out. Continue on the left. Fill in the poker center you see at the end of the road and enter Mt.Silver. Inside you need pokémon with “FLASH” HM. When I came in, I taught my high-level electric pokémon, I didn’t take a weak pokémon with me because Red (Ash) was strong. Red (Ash) ‘Pokémon Pikachu Lvl.81, Espeon Lvl.73, Snorlax Lvl.75, Venusaur Lvl.77, Charizard Lvl.77, Blastoise Lvl.77.

           THE END…

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