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Pokemon Yellow game

Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough : We start the game in the upper room of Ash’s house. Walk up the lawn in the upper right corner of Ash’s house. There Prof. Oak will stop you and catch Pikachu. Then he will take you to his lab. Then Professor Oak will ask you to take the poke ball on the table; but Gary will push you and grab the poke ball. Prof. Oak will give you the Pikachu he caught in the grass. You head to the door. Gary will stop you and the Pokémon war will begin. Defeat Gary’s Eevee. After the battle, Pikachu will come out of the poké ball and follow you wherever you go.

Brock – Boulder Badge

Make your way up from Pallet Town. Cross the grass. The city you will arrive first is Viridian City. Enter the market here. The cashier who greets you at the door will give you Oak’s Parcel. Go back down and say this to Prof. Give it to Oak. He will give you Pokédex in Oak. Exit the lab and enter Gary’s house at the top of the lab. Get a Town Map from Gary’s sister. Come back to Viridian City and buy Poké balls at the market. Gym in Viridian City is closed. Make sure you have enough poké balls and head up to enter the forest between Viridian-Pewter City. There is a bald old man with a girl on the forest road. The old bald man shows you how to catch pokemon; but he can’t.

The forest entrance is made from a large building. You will catch Pokémon in the forest and fight other trainers. You can return the lives of your Pokémon to recharge in the city. Anyway, if all your pokémons die in the forest, you will be born in front of the pokemon center in Viridian City. The end of the forest will be a building as we first entered. Once you leave that building, you can catch nidorans on the first lawn above or on the lawn before entering the forest. Nidoran learns “Double Kick” at level 12. This hit is effective on Brock’s rock pokémons. Get pokémons leveled as much as possible in the forest. Brock is strong.

Mt.Moon and Helix Fossils

When you defeat Brook, go to MT.MOON on the right of the city. The map will turn green as you go to the right. Beat the coaches you encounter on the way. You can catch Sandrew and Mankey on the last lawn. Refill lives in the Pokémon Center. If the Caterpie you catch in the forest develops and becomes Butterfree, the attack named “Confusion” wins. This attack should not be erased because it is effective against many pokémons. Defeat the Zubats on MT.MOON with this attack. And defeat the geodudes with Nidoran’s “Double Kick” attack. Two Pokémon get good levels.

When you enter MT.MOON, go upstairs, fight the girl next to the sign. Turn right and go up. Before entering the first stair you come across, keep walking straight. Go up and then turn left. A girl will appear before you. Continue straight left. When there is a wall in front of you, continue down, and do not use the ladder in front of you. Now, turn left down and again. Beat the young man there. And go up again. At the top of the ladder there is a boyfriend defeat him. There is a Moon Stone in the upper left corner. Take it. Go down the ladder on which the boybands stand.

There is only one staircase on the new floor, use it. Now go downstairs and talk to the Rocket Team member and fight him. Take the stairs behind the Team Rocket member and follow the trail. At the end of the track, go straight. You will then find a super man analyzing the fossils he finds. After defeating him in battle, he will give you a fossil. Pick what you want. NOTE: Depending on which one you get, you will get fossil Pokemon when you reach Cinnabar Island and make it alive. The DOME Fossil contains a Kabuto and the HELIX Fossil creates an Omanyte.

Misty – Cascade Badge

After doing this, go to the left there will be a ladder. Team Rocket will stop you here. He will make a war to get the fossil. Beat them and go up the ladder. You will come to a new floor, go up the stairs there again. You came out of the mountain.

Continue right until the trail goes down. Follow the road and go straight to the right. You will reach the water’s edge and the road will end. You will see the pier father. Take the path between the bollards. When you arrive at Cerulean City, the color turns blue. Enter the Poké center and replenish your pokémon’s lives. There is GYM on the right. Crush Misty with Pikachu and your grass pokémons, if any. Turn left again. There is a small house next to the Poké center. Pass through the small space next to it and enter the house directly in front of you. Go through the back door of the house and find Rare Candy behind the house.

Exit the house and go right, up the grassy road between the pier bollards. Gary will greet you there. Defeat him. Walk upstairs. Defeat the coaches who take turns there. At the end of the road will be a Rocket Team member. Defeat him too. Pikachu might disappear when you defeat this man. Go to the left on the lawn beside the water, you can also catch two grass pokémons named Oddish and Bellsprout. Go upstairs. There is a child there. He will give you Charmander … He has a TM with him. Go right. Lots of matches and EXP. Your muscle. There is a duplex house just above the road, enter.

Bill gives S.S. Anne Ticket

There is a pokémon there. Hold tight, actually Bill, who turned himself into a Pokemon. Talk to Bill first. Once inside the dialer, click on PC to fix it. That is to you S.S. Give me a ticket for the Anne ship. Get down from the house and turn left. Get down there. Come back to Cerulean City. Enter the house where the police are standing next to the door. They made a hole in the back of the house. From there, go back to the house. He will be a Rocket team member looking for war. After that, go straight down.

Pokemon Yellow Abra Location

The map color will change to green. You will see a building. Cerulean-Vermilion City underpass … Use it. At the end of the pass, ABRA can come out on the grass. Throw the poké ball without fighting. Maybe you can catch it. I caught good luck. Go down and turn left. Beat any coach you meet on the road. The color will turn brown when you arrive in the city.

Bike Coupon

Get down and turn left where the police are. Enter the last house. Pikachu will love a pokémon. There is a man there. Talk to this guy and he will give you a bike coupon so you can request a bike that will really help you take long roads and routes. Go right. There is a brown road going down. Follow the road and arrive at the ship.

S.S. ANNE and Cut HM

Turn left when you enter the ship. If you want, you can enter the rooms and collect items. If you say you don’t want to waste time, go down the stairs on the left.

Go down the aisle and turn right. (Do not use the ladder under the corridor) You can enter the cabins extending along the corridor, fight and collect items. When the corridor ends and we turn up, we see Gary. Beat him and go down the ladder. We come to the captain’s room. After talking to him and “rubbing his back” he will give you an HM, “Cut”. Exit the ship. The ship will leave the port.

Lt.Surge – Thunder Badge

Take the same road back to Cerulean City. To the left of the GYM is the bike dealer. Get your bike with Bike Voucher. After that, teach a Pokemon “CUT” so you can cut bushes that will cause tracks and shortcuts. At the bottom of the town, to the right of the biker, will be a bush. Cut it. Go downstairs and take the shortcut to Vermilion City. You can only enter this gym after HM 01 – Cut from S.S. Anne. If you have it, you’ll need to teach this skill to someone of your Pokémon and then walk to the little tree next to the gym.

Press Start and select the Pokémon option. Now select the Pokémon you gave the Cut lesson from the list and choose Cut. Voila, the passage is now open. Enter the gym to fight Surge and his team. To open the door to the surge center, you need to press the two secret keys found in the buckets in this room. Key positions are random, so searching for all buckets until you find the first button, then looking for the second one right next to it. If you get confused, you have to start over.

All trainers in this gym use Electric types so make sure you take your best Ground or Ground / Rock types with you. Think Diglett, Geodude, Sandshrew or their evolution. You will need to find the two keys hidden in trash cans on the ground. The keys are placed randomly, but once you find it, the second one will be right next to it. In the case of your first attempt, the keys will reset and move and you will have to search again. One trick you can do is find the first key, then save your game, then find the second key and reset the game which will bring you back to where you activated it if you get the wrong trash. Try to find the first key and the second key again. The man has Raichu, strong.

Old Rod and Flash HM

Beat the man and go upstairs. There is a house next to Poké Center, get inside. Take the “Old Rod” from the Fishing Guru at home and use it by the water. There is an important point here. If you have collected too many items on the way, you cannot get Old Rod. You may not even have bought the bike. You can DEPOSIT items to the file saved in your name on the computer in Pokécenter. Go right to Diglett Cave. Exit the Diglet cave. Go down. Cut the tree. Go down. Professor Oak’s assistant is there. Get “FLASH” from it.

Go to Cerulean City again. When you come to the city, go to the right. You will zig and zag up and down. You will finally arrive at a lawn by the water. Catch Magnamite there and teach him FLASH. Enter the Rock Tunnel. There is no special systematic of the tunnel. Cross the tunnel. When you get out of the tunnel, turn right and go down. Replenish your health in Pokémon Center. To the left of the city is a route with trainers. Exp muscle. Also, there is a house upstairs when you go all the way to the end of the road and enter this house to go to Celdon City and turn first up and then left to go to the City. Buy some items in the Store. You will need it later.

Enter the large building that says “MART” and go to the rooftop where vending machines are located. Buy as much drinks as you want, but make sure you have a couple on the roads to the cities for the guards. They’ll be thirsty, and if you give them a drink, they’ll let you down. Turn left under the Poké center.

Rocket Team Leader and Sliph Scope

Enter the building with eight windows at the top and two windows at the bottom. Go up and turn left. There is a rocket team member in front of the poster hanging on the wall. Talk to him and fight. Click on the poster and head right. Dive into the opening gate. Find and beat the leader of Team Rocket here and get Sliph Scope.

Go to the left part of town. You will see Snorlax sleeping on the way. We will wake him up later. Just cut the thin bush on top. Go through the gate building on the left. There is only one-story building in the middle. Get into it. There is a girl standing with her Fearow in her house. He will give you HM02-FLY. Now teach your flying Pokemon so you can fly to any city. Very useful.

Now go back to Lavender Town. You will land in front of the Pokemon center. Just enter the Pokémon Tower on your right. There’s Gary on the second floor and defeat him. There is an area on the ground consisting of 16 squares a few floors above the building. There your pokémons are dying.
When you climb the last ladder, there will be a ghost that you cannot identify. It will be Marawrak. Defeat him. Do not get caught, do not throw poké ball in vain. Now go upstairs and find Jesse and James. Defeat them After that, walk up and talk to Mr. Fuiji. The man will take you home, talk to him and get PokeFlute.

Sabrina – Marsh Badge

Now fly to Celadon City and go right. The passage enter the building. Give Guard your cold drink. This passage takes you to Saffron City. Here you go to the Pokémon Center and fill the life of your Pokémon. Silph Co., which has high solid, many glass in the city There is a building. Get in there. Go straight up to find the elevator. Building floor by floor and exp. you can contract. If you say no, I don’t work, go to the 9th floor. Turn right and get to the bottom. Defeat the spectacled element. Get the blue diamond shape and teleport.

Walk down. Defeat the rocket team element. Go right. Get the CARD KEY in the form of a poké ball on the way. You will now open all the doors. Go back to the 9th floor from where you teleported. Take the elevator. Go to the 3rd floor. Go down slightly. Open the first door on the left and enter the teleport point. Here you will fight with Gary. When you beat him, get LAPRAS from the guy next to him. A good water pokémon. Use the lower right teleport location. As soon as you walk down, Team Rocket will appear. Beat them. When we go down and turn right, we have a huge fight with their bosses. When you beat him, talk to the president sitting on the sofa above and get the Masterball. This is ALL Legendary Pokemon Locations Video : https://dai.ly/x7xymm1 Now leave the building.

There are two GYMs in the upper right corner of the city. Dojo on the left. So it has fight pokémons in it. Get things done quickly with flight and psychic pokémons. Use the Teleport fields Top right, Top left, Bottom left, Bottom left to reach Sabrina. After defeating him, he will give very strong TM for psychic pokemons that have reached level 70. You can easily exit GYM with Escape Rope.

Snorlax and Koga – Soul Badge

Then we fly to Celadon City. We are moving to the left. Snorlax will come before us. Save the game before attack. Catch it, mighty pokémon. Pass through the gorge to the other city. Go downhill along the bike path. When the road ends and reaches the sea, turn right. When the city changes color fuchsia, go down. GYM and poké center side by side. GYM is owned by ninja master Koga. The trainers inside use psychic, poison, ground, insect pokémons.

Safari Zone, Strength HM and Surf HM

Go upstairs. Cut the Bush next to the building and walk up. There is the Safari Zone building, we enter here. Head to the upper right corner. From there we move on to the new area. Go right up the stairs. Get off the ladder on the left. Go upstairs and climb the stairs. Go down the stairs on the right. Go up and turn left. Move to the new area. Go up a covered ladder with grass. Go down the ladder on the other side. Go up and turn right when you see the oak-like tree. Go up, then turn left. When you catch the road going down, go straight down. When you enter the new area, there is a poké ball here in the square Gold Teeth ”… We will buy a new HM with it. Turn left.

There is a house next to the Pokemon statues. Talk to the man over there and get his SURF HM03. You teach a poker; for example, Lapras. Run around and run out of time. There are two duplexes directly to the right of the Poké center in Fuchsia City. Enter the one on the left. We’re going to give the guy there “Gold Teeth”, and he’ll give us STRENGTH HM. Teach this to your pokemon.

Blaine – Volcano Badge

Fly to Pallet Town. Dive into the puddle under Pallet Town with a pokemon with the SURF HM. Swim straight down. You will see a small islet. Enter the building in the upper left corner. Go straight ahead and go up the ladder. Go right without using the ladder and enter the sleeping room slightly up left. Go up the ladder there. There will be a Pokemon statue on the new floor. Click it, the secret passage will open. Jump down through the big gap that opens up. Go down and use the ladder in the lower right corner. Go left on the new floor. There is the same pokemon statue in the room with a book on the table. Click on it. The door to the next left room opened. Go right and find the room with the beds. There is the same statue.

He also opened a new door. Walk left. There is a Poké ball in the middle of the palm trees. Get it “SECRET KEY”… Use the “Escape Rope” and exit the building. Refill lives in the Pokémon Center. There will be fire pokemon here. Enter the GYM and head up. Click the tape player in the upper left. He will ask you questions. Say “yes” to the answer. When you switch to the other tape, say “no” to the question asked on it. When you go to the other place, say “no” there. Say “no” in the new place. Say “yes” to the next question. In the next step say “no”. Get the man the new badge.

Erika – Rainbow Badge

Fly to Celadon City. Go to the bottom of the city, cut the bush there and enter the GYM. The grass is full of trainers with pokémon. You can take care of the hall with a charmender or advanced ones.

Giovanni – Earth Badge

Fly to Viridian city. Refill your lives at Poké Center. GYM is in the upper right corner above. This GYM is owned by rocket team leader Giovanni. The coaches inside have fight, ground, and poison pokemon. Finally, defeat Giovanni and take badge.

Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough | Pokemon League Road

We’re going to the Pokemon League now. Go to the left of the city. We will encounter Gary again while driving down the road paved with cut stone. Defeat him. Go left and you will see a giant building. Come on. The guard will check if you have a badge, then let you in. Finally, we will enter Victory Road. There is a rock in front of the stairs on the left at the entrance. That rock will be dragged over the red dot on the left with the STRENGTH power pokémon.

After dragging the rock over the right red dot, climb the ladder. When you turn left, there is a girl trainer, fight him. When the battle with the girl is over, go down the stairs and go up. Defeat the male trainer and use the ladder right above it. When it comes to the new floor, drag the rock just below to the red dot on the left. When the rock work is done, go up the stairs and go to the right. We will immediately see the trainer with fighting pokemon. A trainer with psychic pokémons will follow. Beat and go down the ladder.

Go right. When the road is finished go up. Then turn left. Use the ladder that takes you to another floor right above it. Here you can save the game. Drag the Rock you see on the new floor up and to the left. Push it through the small gap and over the red dot. Then go back to the head of the staircase you reached the floor. Just go up the ladder visible on the upper right. Beat the girl trainer and continue.

Continue on the left and go down the ladder. When you get down, you will first play with the male coach, who is the water pokemon, and then the female coach, who is the grass pokémon. Head right and push the rock in front of you down the hole. Jump down after him. Push the rock to the left. Get the red to the point. Go right now. Use the floor-changing ladder to the right of the male trainer. Go up a little on the new floor and use the floor-changing ladder. Get out on the right. Go upstairs. You will first see pokémon sculptures. Then the screen color will be purple.

Elite Four

Improve your Pokemon before facing the Elite Four. And eventually, you’ll be the Pokemon League Champion. The first opponent uses the Ice / Water type. The second man uses the Rock / War type. The third elite uses the Ghost / Poison Pokémon. The fourth element uses Dragon Pokemon. Use Lapras with ice attacks to defeat. And when we beat them, our last rival is GARY… Sandslash, the first pokémon ground type, quickly finishes the water or grass job. The second pokémon, Alakazam, finishes the ghost or insect job. Third pokémon exeggutor, fire, flying or insect finishes the job. The fourth magneton finishes the ground or rock work. Fifth cloyster, I used the ghost type. The last pokemon Flareon finishes either water or fire / ground. YOU FINALLY WERE A CHAMPION. CONGRATULATIONS…

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