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camping tips for beginners

Camping is a choice where you prefer nature with all its difficulties to comfort. If you have chosen nature, then recommendations to make it as pleasant as possible and as comfortable as possible.

  • Camping is also being left alone with nature. Be respectful.
  • Do not set up tents in the summer resorts where local people use to drink beer. Out of curiosity, these bears are trying to open the zipper and enter.
  • Calculate the area where you will set up your tent according to the morning sun. Your sleep should not be sour.
  • Clean the floor well. A tiny stone can sour your sleep.
  • Before you go, tell a few friends about your route and your accommodation.
  • Did I say respect nature?
  • Do not go without a mat, then you will walk around with the carved stone on your back.
  • Don’t forget the sleeping bag everywhere is cold in the morning.
  • Find the direction where the sun will rise, install it in the area that will be in the shade until at least 9 in the morning, then it will be like a bathhouse and you will hardly breathe.
  • If you are in a place where there is no toilet / dream, make sure you have an eye on the place where you will do your urine when it is bright. Then when it is daytime, it will be too late to discover what is actually happening where you pee at night.
  • Keep a bottle of this with you while you sleep.
  • Your tent’s zippers should never be open unless you want a little friend.
  • When you hear the sound of footsteps in the middle of the night, do not hug your pocket knife and pretend to be dead.
  • Go with someone have experience.
  • If you are in a place far from water, definitely settle in the area where you will stock up water and set up a tent.
  • You will probably spend the first night without sleep because you are not used to the sounds you will hear at night. I recommend you buy ear plugs.
  • If you ever run into animals, stay calm. Do not shout nonsense or scream and feed yourself to them. Try to be calm. If you cannot;
  • If you are going to the deserted forest depths, make sure you have a sound gun with you. But don’t use superfluous.
  • Get a mat inside the tent, but I recommend the inflatable mattress.
  • Keep your food in the car at night.
  • I agree with the premise of fear of humans, not animals.
  • Take spare clothes.
  • You go to nature, not a picnic. Go prepared for anything.
  • Respect nature all camping.
  • Do not throw drink bottles around. Do not leave the area dirty. Take especially plastic bottles with you while they are being collected and throw them in the dumps you will definitely find while passing through the village & town.

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