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Let’s get to know Metallica’s most unfortunate member ever, let’s tell those who don’t. “Why did Cliff Burton die?” Here is the answer to the question.

Cliff Burton was born on February 10, 1962 in Tennessee.

Cliff, the youngest child in the family, suffered his first major pain when his brother Scott died of a brain aneurysm. This incident had a profound effect on him; and he thought it was pointless to spend his life trying too hard to make other people happy. After the death of his brother he said: “I’ll be the best bass player for my brother.”. Hearing this, his mother was very surprised because there were no musically talented people in the family.

Playing outside with the kids was boring to the Cliff. He spent his time reading a book or listening to or playing music. Cliff started playing bass guitar at the age of 14 on Ez Street. Their first band to get its name from a strip club in San Mateo. When he graduated from high school in 1980, his character was fully formed. He turned into an adult who read hp lovecraft, played the piano, drank beer, ate mexican food. His favorite pastime was hanging out with his friends Jim martin and Dave Didonato; fishing and hunting or just playing dungeons & dragons for the little hours. After his high school education, he went to chabot college near Hayward where he studied classical music and theory.

After the group of agents of misfortune they formed with his close friend jim martin, he joined the band trauma, whose music resembles the iron maiden. He had the opportunity to practice for four to six hours every day in this group. In the video clip of cliff shot at that time, amidst the fluctuating dry ice, mismatched figures, unconsciously nodding, impressively strange jazz timings and bass tones filled with psychedelic harmonies can be seen.

When he made the decision to drop out of college to devote his time to music, his parents were very worried and said that if they did not see progress on the cliff, he had to find another job and work. This was not a problem for the cliff, as he had promised himself and his younger brother that he would be the best bass player. he would devote himself for this.

It was Brian Slagel who recommended the Cliff Burton to Lars Ulrich. Slagel released a compilation album called Metal Massacre in 1982, where it gave its first chance to many 1st generation heavy metal bands that still exist today. This album also featured metallica’s track “hit the lights”. slagel was considering including metal massacre ii and trauma. so he went to watch them. What he remembered about that period was that the band was good but their bassist was outstanding. Slagel knew that Metallica was looking for a new bass player to replace ron mcgovney. Slagel took Lars and James Hetfield to the Traoubaour Club in Los Angeles, where the Trauma band will take the stage. Lars and James Hetfield watched the cliff with admiration, and Lars went up to the slagel excitedly and said, “This will be our bass player!”

But it wasn’t easy for Metallica to convince Cliff

Cliff was in San Francisco, Metallica was in Los Angeles. Cliff did not like Los Angeles culture very much. Realizing that they could not convince Cliff, Metallica members moved to San Francisco. Soon they set up equipment in a room and started playing. first impression was incredible. They were aware that they had a great sound. They soon realized that Cliff was more than just an excellent bass player, but an excellent teacher. James said of him: “He was the most educated of us; He went to college to learn about music and taught us a lot. He had a very strong character. Over time, we began to be influenced by this character of him. “

Cliff was very different from the band members. The hippie was like a strange, mismatched mix of components. Although these features were the subject of mockery by the group members, they were amazed that he never gave up his character. The life experience was more than the group members, the ethics and moral understanding were ahead of the group members. In short, it was the backbone of the group.

He directed the group members to groups such as r.e.m, creedence clearwater revival, lynyrd skynyrd. Cliff was way ahead of his time. It was also beginning to shape the behavior of the group members. Cliff started the habit of greeting fans no matter how big or small the concert was. He was the first person to shake hands with his fans.

Cliff’s influence on metallica began to manifest itself in the band’s second album, ride the lightning. It was Cliff who was artistically responsible, while Lars and James were responsible for the musical vision in general. The call of ktulu and fade to black, featured on Metallica’s second album, were proof that cliff is beginning to take effect.

Six months before cliff died, in March 1986, the third album, Master of Puppets, was released that broke the ground in rock and metal music history. the album had a big impact. The orion song, which was based on a bass guitar riff written by cliff burton, although it was named in the 3 songs in the album, was almost integrated with him after his death and his musical genius was unquestionably accepted by the authorities.

The album exploded, and in the summer of 1986, Master of Puppets sold more than 500,000 copies, earning the band their first gold record. they were ranked among America’s top 30 for the first time. The album ranked 167th in Rolling Stone magazine’s top 500 album list.

Group set out for concerts in europe after their show in London

After Solnahallen in Stockholm, they took the tour bus to go to Copenhagen. It was going to be a long journey and the bus was congested. Kirk and Cliff draw a card about who is staying on the bunk bed. Cliff won this bet by drawing the ace of spades. Cliff and James stayed awake a little longer. Their bunk beds stood side by side in the back. But no one, not even Cliff Burton, could escape death. Cliff knew this. What he did not know was how cruel his death would be. The whole bus was quiet when the vehicle started to diverge from the road …

As we all know, Cliff died in an accident. His body jumped out of the side window of the bunk bed and was crushed by the bus that fell on him. That night was very difficult for the band members. They got drunk when they returned to the hotel that first night without Cliff. No matter how much they drank, nobody could sleep. At four o’clock in the morning, the others heard James outside on the street drunk and shouting: “Cliff! Where are you ?! “Kirk could not stand it and burst into tears.

The news spread fast. Everyone was in shock. Usually when a musician died, he was thought to overdose on drugs. But dying in a bus crash? Fans, other musicians didn’t want to believe it. Dave Mustaine was devastated when he heard the news, He took drugs and started singing, crying and writing, and in my darkest hour appeared on Megadeth’s next album.

A commemoration ceremony was held in san francisco in the first week of october. cliff’s funeral was held on Tuesday, October 7, in the Chapel of the Valley in the Castro Valley where he lived most of his life with his family. Along with cliff’s immediate family, his girlfriend Corinne and best friends jim martin and david didonato were there with the rest of metallica, bobby schneider and their assistant manager peter mensch. other mourners included all exodus, trauma and faith no more drummer mike bordin.

As Didonato later recalled: “We formed a large circle with Cliff’s ashes in the middle. Each of us walked into the center and we took a handful of him from him and said what we had to say… then he was hurled to a place he loved dearly.

Cliff’s commemorative tombstone was made. Under “in loving memory” on the tombstone, under “in loving memory” clifford lee burton cannot the kingdom of salvatıon take me home: february 10 1962 september 27 1986.

After Cliff Burton’s death

The effects of Cliff Burton’s death continued to have an impact on the rest of Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, and Kirk Hammett’s lives. “When I first joined the band there was a huge flow of new energy and we were very excited about everything and life in general until the cliff died. but that ended when the cliff left. I still think of him every day… something he said, something he did, just… something. ”

James Hetfield says every time Metallica gets involved in new and exciting projects, “We always think of doing something. Wow! Cliff loves it, you know?”

Cliff Burton – Metallica’s uncompromising spirit and conscience in life and still death. We are once again commemorating the unique talent of the rock and metal world on the 34th anniversary of his death. We are grateful for the unique pieces you left us …

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