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macrame wall hanging

Known for many years and based on handicraft, macrame has always been indispensable for some; although it is popular from time to time. Let’s examine together what macrame is, which is suitable for beautiful and creative work with its different techniques; and how macrame wall decorations are made.

What is macrame?

Macrame is a form of textile produced using knotting (instead of weaving or knitting) techniques.
Tied knots of macrame are square or reef knots. It has long been used by sailors to cover everything from knife handles to bottles to parts of ships, especially in elaborate or decorative knot shapes.

Cavandoli macrame is a variety used to create geometric and free-form patterns such as weaving. Cavandoli style is basically done in a single knot, in the form of a double half axle knot. Inverted half accents are sometimes used to maintain balance when working on the right and left halves of a balanced piece.

Leather or fabric tapes are another accessory, often created with macrame techniques. Most friendship bracelets exchanged between young people have been created using this method. Jewelry or decoration made with macrame can also be sold at vendors in theme parks, shopping centers, season fairs and other public places.

The materials used in macrame are cords made of cotton twine, linen, hemp, jute, leather or yarn. Cables are defined by a structure like a 3-ply cable, made of three lengths of fibers twisted together. Depending on the purpose of use, colorful sequins, stones or beads can be added between the knots to create original products in different styles.

For larger decorative pieces such as wall hangers or window coverings, a macrame work can be started on a wooden or metal dowel that allows for dozens of easy-to-work wires to run. For smaller projects, a simple corkboard will also suffice. Many hobby or craft stores offer beginner kits, work boards, beads and various materials for hobbyists or skilled craftsmen.

How to Make?

The main thing in macrame is hand skill. Therefore, the golden rule to keep in mind when tying a knot is that the rope is tight. If you are going to make macrame with a square knot working with double knots; you need to knit with four threads. The rope is folded in half and passed to the fixed place. In this way, ropes are lined up. The rightmost rope is held over the others and taken over the others and passed under it; the rope is removed from the lower space and the knot is tied by pulling tightly. Similarly, the motif is continued from the left and again from the right.

A slightly different knotting technique is used for the spiral structure. The rope is folded in half and fixed on the macrame board. Then, while one of the ropes is in hand, the other rope is placed on it, the rope is passed under the stretched rope by making a curve, and the knot is tied by pulling from the gap. The spiral structure is completed by going through a single direction.

After you learn these two basic techniques and knots, you can create unique motifs by preparing your threads according to the length of the thing you want to knit and combining the knots. As you can find in the wall decoration models we have selected for this article, you can add a new hand-made product to your do-it-yourself corner.
Recently, macrame wall ornament models have become popular again by those who adopt the bohemian decoration style. If you want to renovate your home with a bohemian decoration style, you can get support from our experienced interior designers.

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