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Why does the car overheat? Why Does the Car’s Temperature Gauge Increase? What should we do if we are inside an overheating vehicle? Wondering about the temperature indicator in cars.
Ramping by making bottom throttle at low speed increases the engine temperature of your vehicle. In one low gear, you should get high speed half throttle.

Antifreeze is not only used in winter. There should be antifreeze in the engine cooling water in summer. raises the boiling point of water.

The pressure value of the spare water cap must be the values ​​written in the catalog of the vehicle and must be original. Incorrect values ​​and a defective cover cause the hoses to burst.

If the temperature gauge drops abnormally and rises suddenly in older vehicles, it means that the water is suddenly discharged. In such a case, the cover can be opened easily and water should be added immediately. If there is no place to find water, within 5 minutes, stop the vehicle immediately.

The radiator and spare water tank cover of a vehicle overheated cannot be opened suddenly. Even if it is opened, the lid goes into space and boiling water sprays out. The lid can be opened slowly with the help of a cloth very calmly, but since there will be a pressure change, the water that does not boil and stays calmly begins to boil and flow out. You can overcome this problem by giving high speed gas.

It is expected that the temperature indicator slightly rises above the normal values ​​in hot weather. A healthy cooling system will be at full normal value while the vehicle is running at idle. the fan switches on and off. continuous fan operation is not normal. When the air conditioner is on, the fan runs continuously. Temperature Gauge Increase Pointer Touches will Become Red

Pointer Touches Become Red – Temperature Gauge Increase

If the pointer touches red, do not stop the vehicle at all and continue at high speed by downshifting. Follow the pointer and if it tends to fall, move until it reaches the normal level. If the pointer continues to go up, pull the vehicle to the right and open the engine hood without stopping and check the points such as whether there is cooling water or the fan is turning. If there is a lack of water, open the lid slowly and add water. If the water is not missing, there is another problem and stop the vehicle.

Do not panicly pour water on the overheating engine !!!

If the temperature of the engine has risen excessively and has reached the red zone, give the gas over two thousand revolutions, let the vehicle move and if possible turn the heater on fully to blow hot.

Why does your vehicle overheat?

  • the cooling fan is not activated. The fan motor itself may be defective, its resistance, relay etc. may be a problem. There may be a newspaper or a string tangled.
  • Coolant might be low.
  • there may be air in the system. this is very important and the air in the system must be removed
  • If the gasket is burnt, the vehicle will overheat.
  • Overloading the engine and reverse wind in hot weather can increase the temperature. If you take half throttle in a low gear, not bottom throttle while ramping, the engine will not be forced. Loading enough load to push the limits of the vehicle also forces the engine.
  • Water channels or radiator may be clogged.
  • The thermostat may be defective and this part, which has the task of sending the water coming to a certain temperature to the radiator, may have become unable to function.
  • Incorrectly assembled lpg regulator always appears as a heat problem.
  • Sometimes the indicator and sensor problems may mislead you and show the engine temperature high, even though the engine temperature is normal.

I take the points such as hidden heat, precautions, system control later.

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