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the house always wins

An article explaining why the house always wins in the long run in gambling and betting games with examples.

I will explain the truth and reasons for the saying “the house always wins”

We hope that people interested in gambling and sports betting read it carefully. I guess it would be a repetition of information for players who have gone deep into the work and have knowledge.

The house always wins. Yes. So why? because of something called house edge. what is this “house edge”? Remember the roulette table. one 0, and numbers 1 through 36. Here “0” is the stake of the casino. European roulette has one 0 on the table, while American roulette has two 0’s (0 and 00). When this is the case, all bets such as odd-even, red-black are written to the winnings section of the casino when they reach “0”. You say that then I always play to 0. then, when you hit it, the money you will receive will be 36 times what you invested. but there are 37 points on the table with 0.

Even if you hit, you give the casino a share of around 2.7% of your earnings. This number is 5.4% less than there are two zeros in american roulette. In the long run, the casino will always continue to profit 2.7 or 5.4% on the stake, as the number of hits on each number will be the same when an infinite number of hands are taken.

On the other hand, in games known as “slots”, each game has its own separate house edge. In this type of game that can also be played on online betting sites, the profit share of the player goes up to 15%. So let’s say 100 people play the same game. We lost 10 dollars. raised $ 1000 in the pool. they can take his $ 100-150 and hit a $ 900 jackpot on a player. the player wins 900 dollars for 10 dollars; but that $ 900 consists of 10 dollars deposited by other players. This is the main reason why it is also prohibited in religions. The fact that someone else has to lose for you to win.

Let’s get to the house edge in sports betting

Let’s give an example from tennis matches. Two opponents who are equal are playing. The match is like a coin toss, we don’t know what will happen. the ratio given is 1.85-1.85, or around 1.95-1.95. for those who do not know; We’ll put in $ 100 and make a profit of $ 85 or $ 95. The match is in the middle, we said it was like a coin toss. in this case, both options give 2 to 1. But the bookies make a profit by paying 1.9 instead of 2 … I’m investing $ 100 on x tennis player, you’re 100 dollars on y tennis player. You win, the money in the middle is 200 dollars. 190 dollars you earned. 10 dollars in between is the “house edge”. the profit of the office.

There are those who say “I play combined”… So they play more than one match in the same coupon. Since the odds of the options are multiplied by each other in combination bets, the player thinks that they beat the “house edge”, put one and get 5-10-100 … Not only you, millions of people like you make combined coupons. And the $ 10 house edge we just mentioned is growing exponentially in combined coupons, just as rates multiply. Let’s say you wrote 5 matches by choosing the matches with equal odds, ie 1.90-1.90. your coupon will give you $ 247 for $ 10. but since it was equally likely bets it should have given 2, not 1.90. So you had to earn 320 dollars. $ 73 in between was steam.

Even if you win, the office took its profit. If there is an unusual load on a bet, the bureau can invest in the other possibility, using the $ 73 you lose while winning, they can insure themselves against the possibility of holding all coupons. so they never lose.

Finally, let me tie it like this

If there is someone around you who says “I win from gambling, ie from casino games”, do not be too fooled. If he hasn’t lost yet, he will soon lose his house. If someone you love, let them go with all your might.

The person who says “I win well” in sports betting has the same loss, and at best. If he says “I am in neither profit nor loss,” he is at a certain loss, probably at a substantial loss. If he says “I’m playing just like that” or something, it’s quagmire may ask for a loan soon. Be careful.

And never, ever, ever lend a loan to a gambler. I cannot say anything about the money you donate, but never and never give the money you expect to return. no matter who.

If you feel upset when a bet loses, you have bet more than you can handle. Do not do this. I can’t say anything if you are playing for your taste. do not let it turn into persecution.

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